Welcome to Chris Campbell, the new Trail Manager of the Birkie Trail and Birkie Grooming Crew.

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation welcomes Chris as its new, full-time Trail Manager of the Birkie Trail. Chris will be taking over the position from Bill Pierce who has now has moved on to full-time coaching. Chris has already been a valued part of the Birkie grooming crew each winter for six years.

Chris’s dedication and increasing experience on the Birkie Trail staff has been key to the Birkie Trails being developed and groomed so well during early- and late-season skiing, some lower-snow conditions, and during major snowfalls, like on Friday before the 2013 Birkie race. It takes both commitment and experience on the part of a groomer to make that happen. Chris has logged many hours—days and nights at a time—as part of the effort to ensure that all the snow we get is transformed into the great skiing.

“I’ve been in this community for a long time and been involved in the ski community for about 20 years. I have participated in a lot of events over the years, including skiing the Birkie five times and the Kortelopet once. Now I see being on this side of the trail as way of helping and being of service. I love working with the equipment, being outside, and making the trail a great place for people to spend time,” says Chris.

Another part of the change to this position is that it will now be full-time, year round. A growing number of Birkie events plus more extensive use of the trail in general in addition to skiing—running, hiking, mountain biking—make full-time oversight of the Birkie Trail the way to keep it in peak condition for all uses.

“We are working to enhance skiing and other use of the Birkie Trail every day of the year to make the trails better for everyone,” added Chris, “from elite athletes to those just starting to get out on the trail.”

One of those new upgrades will be regular postings on the Birkie.com website’s Birkie Trail Conditions page. Real-time reports about conditions will help people plan their visits to the Birkie Trail and what sections of the trail they will use.

Chris will oversee the 88 kilometers of the Birkie Trail system, which includes the main Birkie Trail, Birkie Classic trail, and Kortelopet trail. He will also manage the use of fourteen pieces of equipment, from Pisten Bully’s to trucks and trailers, as well as a team of four groomers in the winter and part-timers who will help with mowing in the spring, summer, and fall.