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Barkie Birkie Skijor

February 21, 2014

2014 Photos

Barkie Birkie

Back by popular demand is the annual Barkie Birkie. This year there will be both a 5K and 3K Skijoring Race. This event is a great opportunity for skiers and spectators to enjoy the sport of Skijoring and for the dogs to show off their "Barkie Fever"!

Skijoring combines cross country skiing with dog power. The skier is attached to his/her dog with a belt and towline. The dog then runs ahead as the skier skis. Skijoring is a team sport which allows both human and canine counterparts to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

Skijoring is derived from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving. The sport has been around for hundreds of years and originally started using reindeer and wooden skis. The sport also uses horses, but dogs are now the most common animal used in skijoring.

Most medium size dogs (30 pounds and up) who are trained properly can be candidates for skijoring.

Skiers must be at least 13 years old on race day and the race is limited to 80 teams.

Race Course

The race starts on Hayward's Main Street and heads west to 6th Street. The course then turns left onto 6th Street and right onto the fields behind the Hayward Primary School.

From there a large loop circles the Hayward Golf Course. At the completion of the loop the 5K Skijorers will ski a second lap of the same loop. The 3K Skijorers will complete only one lap on the golf course. After completing the required number of laps racers retrace their route back to 6th Street, turn right on Main Street, finishing at the start area.

New to the Sport?

Many ski shops and outdoor shops can help you fit and purchase skijoring equipment.

Skiers may skijor on the Seeley Hills Trails, Seeley, Wisconsin. From County OO take old Hwy OO to the trailhead.

Start Time and Location

Date: Friday - February 21, 2014

Times:  10:00 a.m. Expert 5K
             10:35 a.m. Sport 3K

Location: Starting near Sophie's Dog Bakery on Hayward's Main Street.

Event Limited to 80 Teams

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2014 Results

Two Courses


_ The 5K is for fast, experienced teams that can finish a 5K race in 25 minutes or less.

_ The 3K is for novice, slower, or inexperienced teams that can compete a 3K race in 40 minutes or less.

Registration and Bib Pick-Up

Entry Fee: $30
All proceeds benefit the Northwoods Humane Society

Bib Pick-Up:
The Birkie Cabin on the corner of Hayward's Main Street
8:30 to 9:30 a.m. race day, Friday, February 21. 

Needed Documents:
A copy of the dog's rabies vacination certificate must be provided at
bib pick-up if it has not already been submitted to ABSF as described below.


Proof of Vaccination

Please bring proof from your vet that all vaccinations for your dog are current. You must present this proof of vaccination at bib pick-up. Thanks for your cooperation! We want this to be a safe and fun event for every dog and skier involved.

Course Map

Event Rules and Requirements

Event Rules

  • Entry is limited to one person + 1 dog
  • Skijorers must be at least 13 years of age on race day.
  • The 5K race is for fast, experienced teams that can finish a 5K race in 25 minutes or less. The 3K is for novice, slower, or inexperienced teams that can compete a 3K race in 40 minutes or less.
  • The race will have an interval start on Hayward's Main Street.
  • Each team will be assigned a start time.
  • Skijorers may ski use either skate or classic technique.
  • Dogs must be treated humanely at all times.
  • Dogs must be controlled and kept from other teams.
  • Loose dogs are not permitted at any time.
  • Aggressive dogs are prohibited from the event.
  • Waste is the dog owner's responsibility and before or after the race it must be picked up immediately.
  • Skijorers are responsible for preventing dog fights.
  • Skijorers cannot interfere or impede another skijorer's progress at any time.


Dog Fitness

  • All dogs must be sufficiently fit to be able to complete the course without risk of injury.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies. A copy of the vaccination certificate must be provided with the entry form. The certificate can be emailed to birkie@birkie.com, faxed to 715-634-5663, or mailed to ABSF, PO Box 911, Hayward, WI 54843.
  • Sick dogs are not permitted in the race.

Equipment Requirements

  • All equipment must be in good working order.
  • Nordic skate or classic skis are allowed.
  • Metal ski edges are not permitted.
  • Poles must have baskets and wrist straps. The wrist strap must be used.
  • Skijor belt is required and must be padded.
  • Towline must use internal bungee.
  • The distance between the skijorer and the dog should be between 7 feet and 13 feet and 8 inches.
  • A pulling style dog harness is required with padding around the neck area.
  • Each dog must wear a snug fitting dog collar.
  • Under no circumstances can the towline be attached to the dog's collar or any harness not specifically designed for pulling.



  • A passing skijorer must execute a pass only when conditions are safe.
  • The skijorer must shout “Trail” before attempting to pass.
  • The skijorer being passed should slow and move to the side of the trail, if possible.
  • The skijorer being passed should stop poling and hold their poles behind, low, and away from the passing team
  • The passing skijorer must exercise extreme caution when poling in close proximity to the team being passed.
  • Skijorers must stay to the right if facing an oncoming team.
  • Skijorers must exhibit care, good judgment, and fairness whenever passing occurs.

Start Format - Important Changes!

  • The race will be an "interval start", with teams starting in pairs at 15 second intervals.
  • All teams should arrive at the start area at least 15 minutes before the start time of their race.
  • Skijorers must provide their own handlers, if there is any concern about maintaining adequate control in the start area.
  • All Skijorers will wear timing chips on their ankle.
  • The front tips of the skijorer’s skis must be behind the start line prior to the signal to start. The dog may start “lined out” ahead of the start line.
  • The skijorer’s race bib must be visible to race officials.
  • Skijorers must yield to faster teams wherever the trail narrows.
  • Skijorers must remain aware of teams nearby and keep control over their ski pole tip to avoid injury to dogs or skijorers.



  • Timing ends when the timing chip crosses the finish line.
  • Skijorers must exit the finish area as soon as possible.
  • Personal dog handlers are welcome at the finish area but must stay clear of finishing team traffic. 


The top three men and women in both Skijoring races--the 5K and 3K--will receive awards and all pre-registered skiers will be eligible for great raffle prizes.