Be Aware That the Wave You Are Qualified for May Be Closed

If the wave you are qualified for is closed you will be placed in the next available wave.

Requests will not be processed until a Birkie registration staff member contacts you for payment. Credit card information will be required and charges applied based on the following:

Technique Change$15
New Wave Request Based on 2017 Qualifier Races$15
Korte to Birkie (can also include technique change)$30
Birkie to Korte (can also include technique change)$15
Birkie/Korte to Prince Haakon$15
Reissue a Wave Upgrade Request from 2017$0
World Loppet Race$0

A Birkie registration staff member will contact you to pay the upgrade/change fee after your request is submitted.
Payment must be received for the request to be processed.