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Fitness In 5 - Jay Tapper

This Week's Program Topic & Tip

"The Rhomboids & Mid Trapezius Muscles:
What they do. How and why you should exercise them."

This Week's Tip

About "FITNESS IN 5"

"Fitness In 5" is a five-minute radio program presented weekly by Jay Tapper, Birkie Fitness Consultant, and Jacque Lindskoog, long-time Birkie skier and radio host. Jay and Jacque discuss the week's fitness topic and exercise, and the benefit to your Birkie training or just a year-round healthy lifestyle.

10:45 a.m. on WOJB - 88.9 FM.

Hosted By WOJB Radio

Co-Hosted by Jay Tapper & Jacque Lindskoog

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About Jay Tapper

"Anybody can move smarter and for better results"

Jay Tapper is a tremendous Birkie resource. He specializes in safety, injury prevention, fitness, and ergonomic services for a wide range of corporate clients and for many of our Birkie skiers, runners, bikers, and hikers.

Owner of ActivEdge LLC and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Jay is a consultant and personal trainer for athletes of all ages and abilities. We are happy that Jay is a regular contributor to the Birkie's year-round training resources, including our Birkie Training Articles.

Jay holds a Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Aging. Prior to founding ActivEdge, he was co-owner of a physical therapy clinic for 16 years.

For a complimentary Critique & Consultation for yourself, your training group, or your business, contact Jay at 218-393-8767 or email jltapper@cpinternet.com. Visit his website at ActivEdge.