Have you ever asked yourself this question while gliding across the winter landscape? In the Birkie when the tracks are gone and the wind is howling? At the Birkie Trail Run Marathon when you see snow on the trail in September?

If you do, that is good!

One of the great joys of silent sport is the time you get to reflect on your place in the GRAND scheme of things. For many folks there are many reasons. Some feel they want to place high up in the event, win, or place in their respective age group. Others want to place one more check on the “Bucket List.” Others just want to participate and have the sense of accomplishment for getting done. No matter what your end goal is you should always take time to sit a moment and see what inspired you to get Out There in the beginning and see if you can work on extending that legacy to others.

As we try to grow Nordic Sports, we look to see how to get more folks involved, help them grow in the sport to new heights, and in the end bring more folks into the fold. There are many ways that you can do this from young to old, beginner to advanced.

  • One great thing to do is to participate in events held by local shops–Wax Clinics, Run Groups, Bike & Ski Groups, Nordic Walks, etc.
  • Grab a friend who is new to the sport and get Out There.
  • Get involved with your local ski association or trail group.
  • Get Out There and help on work days even if only for an hour. Most of these organizations are run by volunteers and can use as much assistance as possible. It will also give you a better understanding of what all goes into making these groups.
  • Always remember what the goal of a group is. Sometimes you may butt heads with folks who have been involved for a long time. Stick around and do your part–they’ll come around, and together you’ll grow the sport.
  • If your goals are to excel more in racing or your performance as a skier, join organizations like CXC (Central Cross Country Skiing) to be a part of youth, elite & masters programs.
  • Maybe you just like to get Out There and enjoy nature and have no thoughts of racing or events. Then maybe getting Out There as a volunteer at an event like your local ski race, trail run, a Birkie Event or any outdoor event can change and make greater the experience for you and for those participating.

Whatever your goals are, just get Out There and help us and many others around the world grow a lifelong family tradition–Nordic Sports!

Bjorn, Kristin & Per Hanson

Out There – Nordic Sports

. Presenting Sponsor of the Nikkerbeiner / Family Fun Ski Event in February
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Rice Lake, WI

Posted May 15, 2014 at 3:07 am