I’d like to pretend that my Thursday post on quotes was intentionally coincided with “throw back Thursday.”  Yet the reality of the situation is yesterday was a very busy day of skiing, driving, and settling into snowy Houghton, Michigan with the rest of my SMS T2 team, and I simply didn’t get the post up by Wednesday.  But new year, new resolution: make sure the post gets up by Wednesday for the rest of the year!

I struggled a little bit with the letter Q.  But after wracking my brain for a good “Q” (queen, quilt, quack, quaint, quasar) I landed on quotes.  I did some internet research and came up with some great quotes about the birkie, post-birkie, or pre-birkie.  Nothing like a blast from the past to spring into the new year!

Best Post-Race Quote

Gus Kaeding after edging Bjorn Daehlie to the line in 2009

“With about 1 Kilometer to go, I looked around and it was just me and Bjorn, and I said ‘Holy cow I’m leading Bjorn Daehlie.’ And I bet you Bjorn was not thinking, ‘Holy cow, I’m behind Gus Kaeding.’”


Best Pre-Race Birkie Race Strategy

Bjorn Daehlie, 2009

“When I’m having a starter’s bib on, I think I can’t have a training trip. My goal is to be really, really tired.”

28007154_birkie finish three 2-23-2009

Gus Kaeding (left) edging Bjorn Daehlie to the line

Best Fuel for the Fire Quote 

Holly Brooks on getting second one year, and then winning the next in 2012

“It (2011) was a turning point in my career.  It gave me a lot of confidence: ‘Wow, I can do this.’ I was an inch away from winning what a lot of people say is the biggest race in North America. It gave me a little negotiation power — like, I may be able to get a free pair of skis now. So that was really huge.  And so it was awesome to come and get second that year, but when you’re that close, you want to win. You don’t want to lose by an inch. So it’s definitely been on my mind ever since. It kind of felt like sweet redemption, kind of like unfinished business.”





Funniest Birkie-Founder Quote

John Kotar on why he was hanging up the Birkie bib after 40 consecutive Birkies in 2013

“I see some of the old guys getting escorted in with their younger kids but I don’t want to do that.  You don’t want to look like a turkey out there so I figured this would be it.”

Best Reason to do the Birkie Quote

Walter Rhein (Birkie enthusiast and author of Beyond Birkie Fever) on why people should do the Birkie

“We live in a day and age when a lot of people feel “trapped” in their routines and are seeking a way out. I sincerely believe the Birkie is an escape from that.  I’m very much looking forward to this Saturday at Telemark and seeing all the old and new friends who have come together to tackle this great event once again.”

birkie 5 640-1

Walter Rhein

Best Birkie Spirit Award

Santi Ocariz after giving Matt Liebsch his pole in 2012

“I mean, what’s the difference if I’m eighth or fourteenth? He had the chance to win. He’s a good friend of mine.” (Liebsch went on to place second, Ocariz 11th.  Liebsch broke a pole, and after initially declining Ocariz’s pole skied for 5K with one pole before taking Ocariz up on the offer.)

Best Short and Sweet Winning Summary

Tad Elliot after his 2012 victory

“I wanted to win the Birkie.  It’s a dream come true.”


Next week check in for a yummy week “R,” courtesy of the Rivers Eatery in Cable, WI!

Posted January 1, 2015 at 1:44 pm