brrr birkie

HAYWARD, Wis. (Feb.  19, 2015) – The National Weather Service is predicting a low of minus 10F and a high of 16F with light snow on Friday for the Junior Birkie and the Barnebirkie.  Conditions look warmer for Saturday.  The NWS is forecasting a low of 7F and a high of 18F.

Cross country skiers need to take precautions when racing in cold weather. Keep exposed skin covered or protected. During extreme cold temperatures, fingers, toes, ears and facial tissues are susceptible to frostbite since blood flow is reduced to these tissues. Consider wearing a warm hat over a balaclava, mittens, boot covers and wind protection, like a vest or jacket. Dress in layers.

Carry fluids to keep hydrated and get an adequate warm-up, especially for shorter events. Pack warm, dry clothes to change into after the race.

Posted February 19, 2015 at 8:03 pm