Thursday Events Look Different but Are Infused with #BirkieFever

Hayward, WI (February 21, 2017) – The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) today announced that after yesterday’s unseasonable rain, Duffy’s Field just outside of Hayward, WI, and the Birkie Trail south of Highway OO are no longer feasible for Slumberland American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet and Prince Haakon Events. Even with snow in the forecast, a downtown or Hayward area finish will not be reinstated. The ABSF team is working on contingency plans for Friday and Saturday events with a focus on the Birkie Trails north of Highway OO.

The safety of our participants is first and foremost in our minds, followed by our goal of creating the best possible participant experience for all. Both things are weighed and considered with each and every decision we make. With that in mind, while Thursday’s events, normally held on Hayward’s snow-covered Main Street, may not look the same they are infused with #BirkieFever and provide an opportunity for participants to experience and continue to be a part of Birkie week events.

For Starters … the BIRKIE EXPO and BIB PICK-UP are ON!

Thursday: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday:       9:00am – 8:00pm

Same two days and same times. Come be part of this Birkie Party, visit all your favorite vendors, and hang out with your friends!

Thursday, February 23 – Revised Event Schedule:

10:00am – Barkie Birkie Canicross (Running Skijor Race)

  • Runners and their furry friends will don their skijor harnesses and bibs, then set out on Hatchery Creek ski trails for either a 5K and 3K Canicross run.
  • Runners and their pups will be timed.
  • Medals, awards and more to follow the Canicross races in the tent at Rosie’s Field.
  • Register until midnight tonight or on site.
  • Runners and their dogs will take buses from the Wesleyan Church (see below) to Hatchery Creek and back.
  • Get your Barkie Fever ready for a day of Canicross fun!
  • Presented by Northern Lakes Co-Op Feed Mill

12:00pm – Barnebirkie Adventure Fun Run!

  • Imagine hundreds of kids, ages 3-13, on an adventure to remember as they take to the Birkie Trail at Hatchery Creek!
  • With 1K and 3K options, there is something for every age group!
  • After the run, more fun! Kids can jump, run, and have a good-old-time while conquering an obstacle course in Rosie’s Field!
  • Cocoa, cookies, and medals to follow in the tent at Hatchery Creek!
  • Sponsored by Johnson Bank and Swiss Miss

2:00pm – Junior Birkie Run!

  • The next generation of passionate athletes, between 6 and 19-years of age, charge their way down the Birkie Trail in a competitive run.
    • 2:00pm – U8 & U10 – 1K run
    • 2:30pm – U12 & U14 – 3K run
    • 3:00pm – U16 & High School 4.5K run
    • 3:30pm – Sprint Relays
  • Elite athletes will be on site and working with Junior Birkie participants!
  • Refreshments & awards to follow races in the tent at Hatchery Creek!
  • Presented by Gear West

Busing for Barkie Birkie Canicross, Barnebirkie and Junior Birkie Participants & Spectators

  • Buses for both the Barnebirkie & the Junior Birkie will run continuously from the Wesleyan Church Parking lot, located 10655 Nyman Ave, Hayward, WI, from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The Wesleyan Church is found at the intersection of Highway 77 and Nyman Avenue.

Birkie Giant Ski

  • Hold on to your hats!  An announcement will be made regarding details surrounding the Birkie Giant Ski.  This event will be held on Saturday, the time, location and details are in the works!
  • Presented by Hayward Lakes Chamber of Commerce


While much to our dismay, we must announce that the following events have been canceled due to weather conditions.

  • Nikkerbeiner and Opening Ceremonies
  • Elite Sprints
  • Birkie Adaptive Ski

Details on Birkie, Korte, and Prince Haakon events will likely be determined later today.  As conditions or plans change, we’ll notify all participants through Birkie Alert emails, Facebook posts, Twitter (@birkie), and will post the latest updates on

Posted February 21, 2017 at 10:19 am