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  • Official 2020 Birkie, Korte & Prince Haakon Race Results
  • Stories of Traditions, Triumph, & Birkie Fever
  • Your New Birkie Best Friend – The Birkie App
  • Exciting Telemark News
  • Updates on 2021 Birkie Week Events
  • A Year’s Worth of Photos & the Latest News From Birkieland
  • Fat Bike Birkie Results & So Much More!
  • Includes the ABSF’s 2019/2020 Annual Report
  • 112 Pages Bursting With All Things Birkie!

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Birch Scroll Magazine Mails in October! 

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A free digital copy of the Birch Scroll magazine will be available to all participants. Last fall, we announced that as part of our Birkie Green initiative we would no longer automatically mail the ABSF’s annual Birch Scroll magazine to all event participants.

By clicking above, you will be ordering the 2020 Birkie results issue. The results issue for the upcoming 2021 Birkie is available for purchase during the 2021 registration process & will mail in 2021.


2020 Birch Scroll Results Issue Cover

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