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Ray Johnston

Ray Johnston


Phone Number:

City, State:
Lake Elmo, MN

Years of ABSF Membership:
For as long as I can remember


Why are you interested in being a member of the ABSF Board of Directors?

To help facilitate and guide the continued growth and excellence of Birkie Events.

What knowledge and skills do you possess that can benefit the organization?

The perspectives that I bring to the Birkie board would be based on:

My participation as a Nordic ski racer dating back to 1975, and my visceral experiences within the Birkie since 1981. I have experienced the growth of the Birkie, and the exciting standards of excellence that the current Birkie leadership and staff now deliver. I deeply understand what Birkie Fever feels like with my upcoming 39th Birkie in sight. Also skiing in Worldloppet races around the world has given me insight into what large Nordic ski events internationally provide.

Volunteering at the Birkie has allowed me time to interact with participants and be involved with the event details as part of the parking crew. Each year is a bit different and can present surprises. I have enjoyed working as a volunteer to see the dedication the volunteers have to make the Birkie experience a fun and rewarding event.

Professionally I have retired from 3M where I conducted R&D and lead small teams of product develop staff, delivering some iconic products as well as products that are behind the scenes. During my 42 year career I learned how to lead high performing teams based on compelling vision, respectful and fun culture, and an open communication ethic.

As a volunteer coach for high school Nordic skiers, my first priority is instilling a love for the sport. I encourage the students to try skiing the Kortelopet to experience Birkie Fever and the lifetime gift that skiing in the woods provides. My countless ‘magic moments’ while skiing have deeply enriched my life.

Birkie Fever is a big reason I get off the couch day or night to go for a ski or bike ride. My finishing time is something I pay attention to, but the excitement and excellence of the Birkie experience is the highlight I treasure. As one of your Board members I would be dedicated to continuing and improving your Birkie Event journey.

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