Lisa remembers as a teenager sitting at their dining room table watching people ski across Lake Hayward and thinking “How can they ski that far?!”  She soon joined the cross country craze, bought her first pair of skis, and spent a fair amount of time during high school years skiing portions of the Birkie trail.

After college, she moved back to Hayward with her husband, Ken, bought a new pair of skis and skied after work with a coworker on portions of the Birkie trail.  She even mastered Bitch Hill!

Lisa’s daughters, Laura & Julie, both skied the Barnebirkie as kids and she’s been the proud mom walking along side as they trekked their way down Main St amidst cow bells, cheering, winter sunshine, and goodies at the finish line!  Lisa helped with the Birkie Volunteer party as a Steakhouse employee, introduced out of town friends to the Birkie in Hayward and at Telemark, and was a Korte finish line volunteer.  “If you live in Hayward, the Birkie seems to be part of our culture, whether we ski it or not!”

Lisa enjoys camping, reading, cooking, walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, but her #1 passion is horseback riding.  She has three horses, four dogs and two cats.  She’s been involved with the Sawyer County Fair Board as board member, treasurer, 4H club leader, and 4H horse project leader.  Her favorite past time is horseback riding, especially horse camping, and has been out west riding three times.  Nothing is more fun than chasing cattle up a creek bed in North Dakota!

Lisa brings over 20 years of accounting experience to the Birkie bookkeeper position having held positions at Hayward Community School District, Steakhouse & Lodge, Northview Eye Clinic, Leading Edge Veterinary Services, and NorthernBridges.  “I’m so excited to be part of this dynamic, fun team and look forward to getting involved with the various events!”