Two-Day Sign-Up Happens on APRIL 1-2, 2015

For those of you who already do more than one Birkie event and for those of you who would like to branch out and try new things, welcome to the “Birkie Bonus” — a way to sign up for three to four different events, all at one time, and save a few dollars by doing so.

Here’s How It Works

For two days only, save money on one entire year of Birkie Fun and ensure you will be at the start of the 2016 Birkie by registering for three or four upcoming Birkie Events:

Birkie Trail Run

Birkie Tour

Birkie/Korte/Prince Haakon

Fat Bike Birkie

You can sign up for the Birkie Bonus by clicking the button below on APRIL 1-2, 2015:


One person, 3-4 Events, Save Money!

The Fine Print

Any 1 INDIVIDUAL can register (click button above) April 1st (12:01 am) through April 2nd (11:59pm) ONLY for 3 (10% off) or 4 (15% off) of the upcoming Birkie events. Guarantee your spot, save money and begin planning for a year of great events!!

Example: Ben Popp could register for the Birkie Trail Run 1/2 marathon, the Birkie Tour 44k, and the Korte Classic. He would get 10% off all his registration fees. If he added the 20km Fat Bike to his registration (so participating in all 4 Birkie Events), he would get 15% off his registration fees. This offer is for a single person (per order) to register for multiple Birkie events and save!

Questions? Call 715.634.5025 or Email us at