Your Coach Assistant for Bike Races

We all tried ready-made training plans. This can be inconvenient: your plans change, and the workload doesn’t fit. Imagine an app that creates a workout program that adapts to you. Now, this is a reality with Zihi!

Zihi app uses the “Time Available” calendar to set you up for each day. You need to enter your weekly schedule and types of exercise like indoor cycling, gravel, and gym.

As you go through workouts, based on:

  • your completed activities with power meter or heart rate data (Garmin, Wahoo, Strava)
  • subjective factors (e.g., sleep quality, muscle soreness, recovery, daily stress)

Zihi algorithms analyze and develop an individual training plan for a particular day.

Any time your availability to train changes, with a couple of clicks. You can have Zihi adjust your training plan. When you don’t have time today for a long-distance bike ride then Zihi may offer you a shorter structured session on a turbo trainer in Zwift based on your FTP.

Professional athletes trust us and set personal records. Try it for free and get a personalized training program today!

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