Thank you for registering for the Slumberland American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, or Prince Haakon.  You will find all of the information you need here for your in-person experience.

Everything you need to know about the Virtual Slumberland American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon events can be found on the virtual event information page.

  • Ski the virtual event anytime between February 20-28, wherever you are.
  • If you’ve had COVID-19 in the past 90 days please see Dr. Quigley’s message here.
  • Limited medical on course – any concerns, please go virtual!
  • Still get bib, ski stickers, finish medal/pin, and participant hat mailed to you!
  • 15% coupon for the Birkie Store & free shipping through February!

2021 Dates

  • Wednesday, Feb. 24: SKATE 
  • Thursday, Feb. 25: SKATE 
  • Friday, Feb. 26: CLASSIC 
  • Saturday, Feb. 27: SKATE  (2021 Birkie Skate Champions Crowned)
  • Sunday, Feb. 28: CLASSIC  (2021 Birkie Classic Champions Crowned)
  • Virtual Event: February 20-28

2021 Distances

  • American Birkebeiner, Skate and Classic: 43K
  • Kortelopet, Skate and Classic: 26K
  • Prince Haakon: 14K

COVID-19 Considerations

Many COVID-19 precautions have been implemented at the event – see below for new protocols.

  • Do not attend the in-person event if you have had COVID-19 in the past 90 days. See Dr. Quigley’s message here about concerns in regards to long term effect from even a mild case
  • Take a COVID-19 test before you leave home to help protect our local communities. See your State Department of Health website for local testing resources.  Make sure you get a negative test result before traveling.  All skiers will be required to complete a health eScreening before coming to Birkie events.
  • We encourage you to self-quarantine for 14-days prior to traveling to NW WI.
  • Use the same precautions while traveling to and while staying in our communities: masks, physical distancing, hand washing, etc.
  • We encourage visitors to the area to be as self-sufficient as possible (bring your own food supplies, etc.)
  • We encourage you to switch to the virtual race option through February 27 and complete your event from wherever you are!
  • Depending on where skiers reside, we encourage participants to make their travel to Hayward a day trip, returning to their home to celebrate their accomplishment.

Registration/Switch to Virtual

Registration is closed for both the In-Person and Virtual Race Events.

For information on switching to Virtual, see the virtual event information page.  Change to virtual through February 27, 2021.


2021 Results »

Participant times will not be used for future wave placements, age group or wave winner awards.

Please take your time, enjoy, and ski safely.

All participants who complete the event they are registered for will get credit for the 2021 American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and/or Prince Haakon.  Participants competing in multiple events will be eligible to earn completion credit for 1 American Birkebeiner and/or 1 Kortelopet and/or 1 Prince Haakon. In person participants must ski on their scheduled day.  Anyone skiing on the wrong day will be removed from the results and their completion will not count.

Past Results

Birkie Results »

Korte Results »

Prince Haakon Results »

Bib Pickup and Event Week Schedule

Event Week Bib Pick-Up

Bib pick-up for in-person participants will be at Birkie Ridge by drive-up only.

  • Tuesday: 5:30-7:30PM
  • Wednesday: 6:30-11:30AM; 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Thursday: 6:30-11:30AM; 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Friday: 6:30-11:30AM; 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Saturday: 6:30-11:30AM; 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Sunday: 6:30-11:00AM

Upon arrival at Birkie Ridge, follow the signs to the numbered parking spots. Then, follow these simple

  • All registered participants that did not have their bib mailed to them, received a bib confirmation email.  Follow the link in the email when you get to a numbered parking spot at Birkie Ridge to request your bib.


  • If you are using the Birkie app:
    • Touch the Profile tab, then under Upcoming Events, touch the Pick-Up Bib
    •  Enter your parking space number and wait for your bib to be delivered.


  • If you don’t have the Birkie app, you will need to bring a paper or electronic copy of your 2021
    bib confirmation email, along with your photo ID to pick-up your bib.

Picking Up Another Skier’s Bib or Authorizing Another Skier to Pick-Up Your Bib

Only a registered American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet or Prince Haakon skier may pick up another skier’s
bib packet.

To Have Another Skier Pick-Up Your Bib Packet

• In your bib confirmation email, please find the bib pick-up authorization link to allow another skier
to pick-up your bib packet. Simply click on the link and follow the authorization process.

• If you are using the Birkie app to authorize another skier to pick-up your bib, follow these simple

  • In the app, touch the My Profile tab. Under Upcoming Events touch the Authorize Bib
    Pick-Up button.
  • Search for the name of the skier permitted to pick-up your packet. You may search by either the
    authorized skier’s name or bib number.
  • Click on the authorized skier’s name and they will be recorded as someone who can pick-up
    your packet.
  • When the authorized skier arrives at bib pick-up, he/she will automatically receive the bibs
    he/she is authorized to pick-up.


  • Authorize someone to pick up your bib with a paper or electronic copy
    of the other skier’s bib confirmation email, copy of their driver’s license, and signed authorization
    to get their bib packet.


To Pick-Up Another Skier’s Bib Packet

• Provided the skier has authorized you to pick-up their bib packet, using one of the methods listed
immediately above, you will automatically be able to pick up their bib when you check-in to pickup your own bib.
• If the other skier has not authorized you to pick-up their bib packet through the link in their email
or by authorizing you through the Birkie app, you must then produce a paper or electronic copy
of the other skier’s bib confirmation email, copy of their driver’s license, and signed authorization
to get their bib packet.

If you requested that your bib be mailed to you, you will receive a tracking email from American Birkebeiner Shipping within 48 hours of it being shipped.  Bib packets will be mailed Monday, February 8 through Wednesday, February 10.  Please don’t leave your bib at home! 

Birkie Gear Bags Delivered to You

Again in 2021, you may have your Birkie Gear Bag ($11) mailed to you.  Gear bags will be mailed in February and early March.  You may request that your Birkie Gear Bag be mailed until March 31, 2021. Click here to have your Birkie Gear Bag mailed to you.

Birkie Gear Bags will be mailed to U.S. addresses only. Birkie Gear Bags may be picked up in person at bib pick-up or during specific times to be determined this spring at the Birkie Store.

Birkie Store Options

Shop the Birkie Store online now to secure the latest Birkie gear and commemorative memorabilia.  The Birkie Store will not have a physical presence at 2021 Birkie events.  Shop now and during checkout, you can select ship to home or curbside pick-up at the Birkie Store in Hayward during Birkie week!

2021 SKATE Wave Start Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

WaveStart Time
American Birkebeiner Elite Men8:00 AM
American Birkebeiner Elite Women 8:05
American Birkebeiner Wave 18:15
American Birkebeiner Wave 28:30
American Birkebeiner Wave 38:45
Kortelopet Elite Men and Women9:00
Kortelopet U20 Girls and Boys9:00
Kortelopet Wave 19:15
American Birkebeiner Wave 49:30
American Birkebeiner Wave 59:45
Kortelopet Wave 210:00
Spirit of 3510:15
American Birkebeiner and Kortelopet Wave 7010:20
American Birkebeiner Wave 610:30
Kortelopet Wave 310:45
American Birkebeiner Wave 711:00
Kortelopet Wave 411:15
American Birkebeiner Wave 811:30
Kortelopet Wave 511:45
Prince Haakon U19 Boys12:00 PM
Prince Haakon U19 Girls12:05 PM
Prince Haakon 12:15 PM

2021 CLASSIC Wave Start Schedule
Friday, Sunday

WaveStart Time
American Birkebeiner Elite Men8:00 AM
American Birkebeiner Elite Women 8:05
American Birkebeiner Wave 18:15
American Birkebeiner Wave 28:30
American Birkebeiner Wave 38:45
Kortelopet Elite Men and Women9:00
Kortelopet U20 Girls and Boys9:00
Kortelopet Wave 19:15
American Birkebeiner Wave 49:30
American Birkebeiner Wave 59:45
Kortelopet Wave 210:00
Spirit of 3510:15
American Birkebeiner and Kortelopet Wave 7010:20
American Birkebeiner Wave 610:30
Kortelopet Wave 310:45
Kortelopet Wave 411:00
Prince Haakon U19 Boys11:15
Prince Haakon U19 Girls11:20
Prince Haakon 11:30

Getting to the Start/Finish Venue

The Start/Finish Venue is only accessible from Telemark Road.  No spectators are allowed.  Only participants with bibs are allowed into the start area.


Park right on site near the Start/Finish Venue area.  Multiple parking lots are available for parking each day.  Please make note of the location of your car.  It is a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lots to the start area.  Upon arrival, stay warm in your car and listen to the dedicated Birkie FM radio station (live from the start line) for your wave to be called.  More info coming soon!

Start Line

After parking, participants will be called to the start over FM radio. When it is time to leave your vehicle for the start line, please mask up and leave all warm up clothing in your car- there is no drop baggage or area for clothing this year.  You must have your bib on and visible to enter the start corral.  Please remember to grab your hydration vessel/water bottle/drink belt and your energy needs, aid stations will offer hydration only.  You will have 10-minutes to leave the start in your 15-minute wave window.  Your time starts when you cross the start line.

The Elite waves on Saturday and Sunday are not chip timed and winners are awarded by first across the line, all other waves over the 5 days area chip timed.

Masks are required from the time you leave the car until you are on course.  Please keep your mask with you for use at aid stations and in case of emergency.

Please note: There is no warm up area in 2021, no spectators are allowed in the start/finish area, no water is available in the start area, and there is no baggage drop.

American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet & Prince Haakon Course

The American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon will share sections of the same course.  Please be alert and watch for your specific event signs on-course indicating.  Prince Haakon and Kortelopet skiers will need watch for signage indicating the turn for your cut-off course.  You must complete the event you are registered for to get completion credit.

American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon race course map


2021 American Birkebeiner Elevation

Please Note:  The course is shorter than normal, but is not easier than normal!

Differences in distances may be seen due to variables in GPS measurements.

The course is marked with kilometer markers that countdown from 44K.  Kortelopet and Prince Haakon skiers will see the correct countdown AFTER they make their respective turnaround and head north on the Classic trail.

Track Your Skier

Here’s How You Can Track Your Skier:

Friends and family can track their skier as they ski toward the finish line. Anyone can sign up to receive SMS/text or email alerts on a skier’s progress.

  • Sign-up to receive tracking updates via SMS/text or email for American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon skiers, either on or through the Birkie app.
  • Enter the participant’s name and/or bib number, along with your mobile/cell phone number or email address to receive SMS/text messages (charges may apply).
  • Here are the points along the trail where you’ll be able to track your skier’s progress:
    • Birkie: Fire Tower, OO, Boedecker & Timber Trail aid stations & finish line
    • Kortelopet: Fire Tower & Timber Trail aid stations, finish line
    • Prince Haakon: Timber Trail, aid station, finish line
  • Updates will include location, time of day, pace/kilometer, estimated finish time

Live Stream Cameras on

Friends and family can also watch streaming video of Slumberland American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, and Prince Haakon skiers at various points along the race course.

Camera locations include:

  • American Birkebeiner Trailhead start area
  • OO Trailhead aid station
  • finish line

Live stream cameras are available from the home page of Finish line coverage will be recorded and available to view after race day.


The start and finish area will be closed to spectators and accessible to competitors only.  Spectators are not allowed along the course or at aid stations as we take the health of participants, volunteers, and staff seriously. Instructions on how to follow participant progress will be found here in February.

Aid Stations

Masks are REQUIRED in the start, finish and at aid stations.  We suggest using a mask with at least 2 layers.  If using a neck gaiter, please make sure that it is double layered.

All participants are encouraged to be as self sufficient as possible on course.  Aid stations will have limited volunteers and amenities.  Self-serve water and Nuun Endurance will be available.  No food will be available on course.  It will take longer to go through aid stations- your time does not matter so please be patient and slow down through the station.  Fill your hydration vessel in the aid station and move to a physically distanced area outside of the aid station to drink.  We recommend consuming any energy/food before reaching the aid station and throwing all garbage at the aid station.  No trash may be thrown in between aid stations.

Aid Station locations:

LocationAid Availablefrom Startto Prince Haakon Finishto Kortelopet Finishto American Birkebeiner FinishCut-off Time
Timber TrailNo7K7K19K38K
Fire Tower Aid StationYes11.5K-14.5K33.5K
OO Aid StationYes21K--24K2:15 PM
Boedecker Aid StationYes26.5K--18.5K3:00 PM
Fire TowerNo32K-13.5K13.5K3:45 PM
Timber Trail Aid StationYes38.5K7K7K7K4:45 PM
Finish LineYes45K0006:00 PM

Please note!  Aids stations are only visited in ONE direction- participants will travel through aid stations in both directions, but will only get aid one time to reduce contact and touchpoints along the way.  Participants MUST carry their own hydration vessel, cups will not be available.

Limited medical volunteers will be at each aid station- please make sure that you are prepared for your event and are confident that you can complete the course in the time allowed.

A limited amount of kick wax and ski poles will be at each aid station.  Should you need to drop out for any reason, the Aid Station Chief can arrange for transport.

Finish Line

Congratulations! Once crossing the finish line, please be prepared to put your mask on.  Finishers will get ski-ties and then walk to the recovery zone where you will find Kemps Chocolate Milk, Nuun Sport, and Clif bars.  Please take your recovery items and enjoy once back in your vehicle.

Still have questions?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, click here.


Overall Birkie Skate & Classic Champions

The overall champions of the American Birkebeiner and Kortelopet will be crowned on Saturday, February 27th for Skate and Sunday, February 28th for Classic.  There will be no Prince Haakon champions in 2021.  American Birkebeiner and Kortelopet Elite waves are gun timed on Saturday and Sunday.  Winners are first across the finish line, not based on chip time.

Trophies made by Hallett IronworksAlong with prize money, the top female and male skiers in the American Birkebeiner Skate and Classic and Kortelopet Skate and Classic (no prize money for Kortelopet winners) will receive amazing trophies made by Hallett Ironworks.

Prize money for 2021:

American Birkebeiner Skate
1st: $2500
2nd: $1750
3rd: $1500
4th: $1000
6th: $250

American Birkebeiner Classic
1st: $1000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250

In addition, the first U.S. finishers will receive a premium, luxury mattress set from Slumberland, title sponsor of the American Birkebeiner.

No prize money is available for the Kortelopet.

Sprint Bonus Presented by Madshus

Two $500 Madshus Sprint Bonus will be awarded to the first male and female competitors in the Birkie Skate Race to cross the intermediate sprint lines.  The first sprint line is located right before the Birkie Skate course exits the powerline section and enters the woods at approximately 2.5K into the race.  The second sprint line is located prior to the OO Aid Station at 20K into the race. All prize money is paid in U.S. Dollars. Wire transfer is available for an $80 fee. Wire Transfer Form-Prize Money

There will be no Tony Wise Award in 2021.

Age Class, Wave Winner & Decade Awards

There will not be age class or wave winner awards presented in 2021.  Knowing there will be reduced medical staff on-course, we want skiers to ski safely and not push themselves needlessly.  Additionally, there is no way to fairly determine winners when course conditions can vary significantly over the 5-day period.  Age class and wave winner awards will be back in 2022!  Decade awards for the Birkie (20, 30, 40-year) and Kortelopet (10, 20, 30-year) awards will be mailed to the recipients in late March or early April.

New! Birkie App

Navigate your event like a a pro! From race guides to maps and your event profile, the Birkie App is your connection to all things Birkie 2021!

Elite Skiers

In 2021, Birkie Champions will be crowned on Saturday for skate and Sunday for classic.  Elite skiers must race on those days to be eligible for awards.

Kortelopet Champions will be crowned on Saturday and Sunday.  Elite skiers must race on those days to be eligible for awards and ski from the elite wave.

All Elite Wave Birkie Skate skiers on SATURDAY must go through equipment control.  Skiers must bring skis to the start area check-in between 7:15-7:45am.  Please see your email for more details.

All elite wave qualifiers for 2021 will be automatically qualified in 2022.  Anyone skiing in the 2021 elite wave due to an elite upgrade request will have to make the request again in 2022.

Seeded FIS Group

Competitors from all FIS member nations who meet the eligibility requirements will be included in the Seeded Group in the Birkie Skate Race. This group will start as part of the Men’s and Women’s Elite Birkie Skate Waves. However, these competitors will be assigned designated starting positions at the front of the wave and the rest of the elite wave must stay behind the seeded group until the gun goes off.

There is no Seeded Group in the Birkie Classic Race.

Eligibility for the Seeded Group requires that the competitors be active FIS members with at least one FIS race result in the 365 days prior to February 12, 2021, with:

  • fewer than 200 points for women and 150 points for men in competitions with a distance of 30 km or greater
  • fewer than 150 points for women and 125 points for men in competitions with distance less than 30 km

Registrations & Requests for Seeded Group entry must be sent to prior to February 12, 2021.

Team Captains Meeting

There will be a mandatory meeting for Seeded Group competitors at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 26, 2021.  A link to a virtual meeting will be available as we get closer to race day.
Athletes without team affiliation are encouraged to attend the meeting and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Birkie Wax Policy

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation has joined U.S. Ski and Snowboard in banning the use of fluorinated ski wax in competition beginning the 2020-2021 season.  We encourage all competitors to abide by this policy for all events on the Birkie Trail and at the American Birkebeiner Trailhead.  All athletes are subject to random ski testing at events and penalties will apply to any US Ski and Snowboard licensed or citizen skier that is found to be non-compliant.

FIS recommended methods for cleaning ski bases can be found here (

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