A special opportunity to Train Alongside and Support the Athletes

Team Birkie has been created to support athletes with World Class aspirations. There are only a handful of post-collegiate programs for aspiring Olympic athletes. Team Birkie’s goal is to provide coaching, training, and modest financial support to a select few individuals that possess the skill, drive and dedication to pursue the goal to represent the US in upcoming World Cup, World Championship and Olympic competitions. A simultaneous goal is to develop athletes which are ambassadors that spread awareness, knowledge and enthusiasm to promote a healthy lifestyle and increase cross country ski participation. Our success requires your support !

What is the Adopt an Athlete program?

Team Birkie has developed the Adopt an Athlete program to provide financial backing for Team Birkie program. This financial aid is a key to the continuation of sport excellence and assists today’s motivated and talented athletes in their journey to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Why should I adopt an athlete?

By supporting this program you will be supporting the future leaders of our ski community. Your support will benefit our athletes by helping provide the coaching, race and training camp support that are required to achieve international success in our sport.

Is my support tax deductible?

Your financial support is tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt for the tax deductible portion (82%) of your donation. One hundred percent of your donation will go to support the Team Birkie program.

What does the sponsor receive?

  • Attend select training sessions with Team Birkie coaches and athletes in Minneapolis and at Hayward training camps
  • Attending Team dinners at Training Camps in Hayward and/or Minneapolis
  • Race wax support at the Birkie
  • Team Birkie training plan
  • Lactate profile rollerskiing or running
  • Invitation to ski on-snow with the Team Birkie athletes
  • Exclusive opportunity to purchase Team Birkie training and racing apparel
  • Sponsor name recognized on the Team Birkie web site

How much does it cost?


How does Team Birkie use my donation?

  • Full time professional coaching
  • Full domestic competition support
  • Full training support
  • Equipment, training gear, lodging for athletes and coaching staff

How is Team Birkie Different from other “Elite Teams” around the country?

1) An Ethos of Integrity, Excellence and Inclusiveness

Team Birkie is taking this opportunity to be the influential, ethical voice that sets the bar for integrity in our sport. We commit to train and race without performance enhancing substances in our bodies. We commit to do what is right for the environment and our community, celebrating the human body in its full and pure potential. As a top level race team, we aim to inspire others to join us as we practice these principles proudly and visibly.

The Team Birke Ethos:

  • An ethical approach to training and competition
  • We pursue Excellence without Elite
  • Inclusion in Sport and the Outdoors Activity – we honor all those that get out on the trail
  • Inspire Excellence in everything we do

2) Job Opportunities and Community Involvement

The vision of Team Birkie includes the provision of simultaneous athletic and job career advancement. Athletes are encouraged to continue their professional career advancement while training and competing. They must be competitive in the job market after retiring from professional sport.

One of the main benefits of basing Team Birkie in the Twin Cities is to give post-college athletes the opportunity to gain work experience or internships in their fields of study, rather than putting their professional lives on hold. Athletes can also easily continue their academic pursuits, with many colleges and universities within a small radius.

How do I sign up for Adopt an Athlete?

Register Here to Adopt an Athlete

If you have questions, please reach out to Team Birkie Head Coach, Caitlin Gregg, caitlincgregg@gmail.com.