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Birkie Trail Conditions


4.17.14 8:20 am  The Birkie Trail was blessed with another 12-14 inches of snow yesterday and last night!  OO Lighted Loops and the Boedecker Loop (skate & classic) have been packed and groomed with classic track set.  Groomers were out in the PB last night for one pass of packing and are just finishing up another pass this morning - in fact if you hurry you can ski with the Pisten Bully!  28 degrees now with highs in the mid-upper 30s predicted today.  Get out there for some awesome April skiing! 

4.15.14  10+ inches of snow on the way again!  We will groom late wednesday night or early Thurs. morning the OO loops and Bodecker loop....another winter wonder land experience!  

Grooming plans for Remainder of Year:  Weather permitting, below is what will continue to be groomed.  Get out and enjoy!
3.10.14 -- 3.23.14Mosquito Brook trail head to Birkie Ridge Trail Head, and the Classic from “OO” to Fire Tower Food station, and all loops at “OO”
3.24.14 & beyond:  OO” trail head to Boedecker Trail Head, the Classic from “OO” to Boedecker, and all loops at “OO”.  This policy will remain until snow is gone.


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Birkie Trail Maps and Profile

The total climb on the Birkie Skate Course from the start line at Telemark to the finish line in Hayward (north to south) is 1,398 meters. The Birkie Classic Course's total climb from the start line to the finish line is 21 meters less or 1,379 meters.

The Birkie Classic Trail which ends at OO has a total climb of 727 meters compared to the Birkie Trail's total climb of 729 meters to that point. See chart to right for elevation break down.

Start to OO OO to Finish Total
Birkie Skate Course 729 m (2392 ft) 669 m (2195 ft) 1398 m (4587 ft)
Birkie Classic Course 727 m (2385 ft) 652 m (2139 ft) 1379 m (4524 ft)

Birkie Trailheads

The following guide makes it easier for new skiers and runners to see where each trailhead or landmark is on the map to the left. (Download larger version of PFD map below.) 

  • Powerline - 4.5K
  • North End Cabin - Randysek Rd, two miles south from Cable
  • Timber Trail - 9K
  • Birkie Ridge - Highway 63 two miles north from Seeley
  • Boedecker - 18.5K
  • OO - 22.8K
  • Mosquito Brook - 38.1K
  • Hatchery - 44.3

The new Fire Tower cabin is waiting for you to visit and warm up!

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The New Birkie Ridge Trail!

The new Birkie Ridge trail head and 4.5K connector trail was completed on September 10. The new trail head is located on highway 63 just two miles north from Seeley and provides an easy access point to the Birkie Trail.

The new trail starts on the corner of a large field that includes the new parking area. The trail climbs steadily for about a kilometer to a beautiful overlook of the Namekagon River Valley providing a great place to view the sunset. The 25' wide trail continues, splits into a north and south route that rejoin and connect to the Birkie Trail at 15.1K just over a kilometer "down course" from the Firetower food station. The new trail includes about 4.5K of trail and will be open for non-motorized recreation year around. It will be ready for skiing as soon as snow arrives!

The Birkie foundation spent $30,000 to build the new trail head and trail that was made possible through a generous donation of land from Fred Scheer of Hayward to Sawyer County in partnership with the Birkie Foundation. The project was also made possible through a generous donation from Joe Hoida, and volunteers who contributed 350 hours of work.

The trail head is surrounded by a new housing development that includes several small ski trails connecting to the Birkie Ridge Trail. These ski trails will also be open to public use throughout the winter.

The Birkie Ridge Trail will be used as part of the upcoming Birkie Tour on January 18, 2014. Get out and enjoy it!

Contribute to The Trail Fund

Thanks to our newest Birkie Trail Friends, Kevin McKown and Nancy Fuller, Madison, WI.

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation maintains 88 kilometers of trail including the Birkie, Birkie Classic, lighted loops and portions of the Korte trail at an annual cost of over $140,000.

The Birkie trail was built for all cross-country skiers, hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers. Donations to help cover the annual maintenance costs are welcome. You can help with a personal donation which is tax deductible.

Sponsoring a K-marker as a Birkie Trail Friend is another way to help us maintain the trail. Again, all trail donations are tax deductible and all donations will be solely used to maintain the Birkie Trail system.

Please consider supporting the maintenance of the Birkie Trail.  All you need do is mail your donation check payable to "ABSF" to:

PO Box 911
Hayward WI 54843

Add a note that it’s for the Trail Fund.
Thanks for your consideration!

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Birkie Honor Wall

The Birkie Honor Wall was dedicated on Saturday, March 5, 2011. This is your chance to permanently recognize current and past Birkie Trail users!.For more info, call the Birkie Office