Paving Stone Campaign

For those who want to leave a lasting mark on our trails, our Paver Campaign offers the perfect opportunity.

By participating, you can get your name engraved on a paving stone at the front entryway, forever connecting yourself to our outdoor haven.

Donate Now & Get Your Paving Stone!

Mt. Telemark Village - Home of the American BirkebeinerLearn More About Mt. Telemark Village

The Campaign for Mt. Telemark Village

This transformative project represents the single biggest thing the American Birkebeiner has ever done. $10.2 Million. A place where we can all come together. A place that invites new people in. A place that makes the Birkie more sustainable. A place that can transform the economy of the area. And, finally, a place where we leave a legacy for the generations to come.

We are well on the way there. In Birkie terms, we are past the High Point, we are past Heckler Hill, 00, Gravel Pit Road and Mosquito Brook – we are on our way to Hatchery Creek!

But we need your help to reach Main Street. Because this race cannot be run by an individual. In this version of the Birkebeiner it is all of us working together to reach the finish line. And this is not just our annual trek – this is a once-in-a-lifetime journey – meaning that we need a once-in-a-lifetime gift so that we can build this village and leave this legacy for the next generations.

It takes a village to raise a village.

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