Adopt your own share of the Birkie Trail!

Take pride in knowing you are personally adopting 1 kilometer of a World-Famous Trail! Whether you ski, bike, run or hike the Birkie Trail, your sponsorship as a Birkie Trail Friend is an integral element in our collective work to develop and maintain the World Class Birkie Trail system.

The Birkie Trail Friend program also gives you the chance to memorialize or honor someone special to you or your family by sponsoring 1 Kilometer of the Birkebeiner Trail for 3 years.

As a Birkie Trail Friend, you help pay for the costs of maintaining the trail as you “adopt your K” and if you choose to, you can monitor and keep the trail clear of natural and people made liter.

Show over 100,000 trail users every year, you care by “adopting a K” and being a Birkie Trail Friend! 100% of your tax-deductible sponsorship is used to support the Birkie Trail.  Email with any questions.

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How It Works

You select a K marker to sponsor for 3 years. You will be recognized with two yellow 8″ x 10″ signs at the K marker of your choice.

There are K markers available on the Birkie, Classic and Birkie Ridge trails. Trail markers are $500 or $300. There is a 3-year sponsorship commitment that can be paid annually  each year or, all at once.

Share your Birkie Trail Friends K marker story. Email