2024 Birkie Ski Training Plans

Train for the Birkie by following a training plan prepared by Endurance United – the Birkie’s Official Training Partner.  The basic plan or the indepth, week by week, plan will have you trained and ready to ski your best race ever!

Endurance United has created different options for you to follow- a basic plan and a detailed one.  Whatever time you have for training, focus it in a way to make the most of your time!

Birkie Basic Training Plan

Birkie Training Plan 2024

Official Training Partner of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation

Get Ready for American Birkebeiner Ski Race with Zihi App

Zihi is an advanced Nordic skiing training platform. We combine cutting edge sports science and decades of coaching experience. Zihi available to anyone with a smartphone or Internet connection.

Zihi is for skiers who train and compete regularly. Skiing for Zihi users might be a passion and perhaps even a way of life! However, we also recognize that most of them aren’t professional athletes. The focus on the schedule as a starting point for personalization sets us. Zihi creates a training plan that will see the athlete to the start line fit, healthy, and confident that he or she can achieve a personal best.

It’s simple:

  • Set the goal/date of the race
  • Enter information about yourself
  • Get an individual training plan
  • Update your mood, condition, schedule, etc. in the app
  • Plan updates with your progress
  • Have fun getting ready for the Birke race and get an amazing result

All this will make your workouts effective and productive. Already thousands of athletes set personal records with us! Download the Zihi app and get your individual training plan now. Get 1 month free by signing up today!

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