Embracing Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

At the core, the Birkie lifestyle is about embracing an active lifestyle in the great outdoors. In fact, one of the core tenets of our mission is to serve as good stewards of the American Birkebeiner Trail. Knowing we have a responsibility to take the best possible care of this amazing resource, and the environment in general, we’re excited to announce Birkie Green, an initiative designed to inspire and implement solutions to address changing climates; to implementing sustainability practices whenever possible; to creating solutions to support the environment and use of the land; and to consciously choose like-minded vendors and partners who demonstrate green and sustainability issues.

Knowing our events place thousands of participants on the Birkie Trail each year, we’ve already begun to make choices, both large and small, to make a difference in our collective impact.

  • Over 9800 reusable Birkie gear bags in use, reducing thousands of plastic bags in our landfills.
  • Solar lighting at aid stations
  • Paperless @BirchScroll eZine
  • Digital Birch Scroll Magazine option
  • Passive solar design at Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center at OO
  • Solar Powered LED Trail Lights
  • Recycling at all events
  • Reducing event cup usage by 7650 cups at 2019/2020 Events
  • Beer & Beverages now served in recyclable cans vs. plastic cups
  • Cup-less Races (Birkie Trail Run Festival and Birkie Tour)
  • Water Bottle Refill Station at OO
  • Electric Car Charger at OO
  • Reduction in paper usage at Birkie HQ
  • Map Signage at Trailheads vs. map handouts
  • All race guides available as digital options
  • Actively recycling at all events
  • Virtual Birkie race bag to eliminate unnecessary use of paper at the Expo

Look for the Birkie Green logo at all future Birkie events, on Birkie.com, and at the Birkie Expo, where we’ll identify spaces and places where green initiatives are underway.

This program is in its infancy and we know we have a long way to go. We are pleased by our initial progress and the excitement surrounding the program.

Feel free to reach out to birkie@birkie.com to share your “going green” ideas.