Group of Skiers2021 Gitchi Gami Games SuperTour

Friday, December 10: Freestyle Mass Start – NNF SuperTour Only!

Friday is NOT a Midwest and/or Great Lakes Junior National team qualifier.

15km – Male U18/U20/Senior and Female U18/U20/Senior

Saturday, December 11: Classic Sprint

Male U16/U18/U20/Senior & Female U16/U18/U20/Senior

Sunday, December 12: Classic Individual Start

5km – Female U16 and Male U16
10km – Female U18/U20/Senior
15km – Male U18/U20/Senior

Gitchi Gami Games Youth Cup

Saturday, December 11:  Classic Sprint

500 m- Female U10/U12 and Male U10/U12
650 m- Female U14 and Male U14

Sunday, December 12:  Classic Individual Start

2.7km- Male U14/U12 and Female U14/U12
1.6km- Male U10 and Female U10
600 m- U8


Please note – per FIS and US Ski and Snowboard regulations, fluorocarbon waxes are allowed at the Gitchi Gami Games.

The Gitchi Gami Games are part of the Junior Cup & Youth Cup event series in 2021. The JNQ series is governed by Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) and encourages young athletes from U8 to U23 age divisions to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills, whether they are new to the sport High School skiers, aspiring junior skiers who hope to compete at the top national and international levels, or are somewhere in between. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels – from beginner racers to those with International experience.

CXC Cup, SuperTour and USSS Logos


NNF SuperTour, Salomon CXC Junior Cup and Youth Cup Registration

Registration Open
Registration will close Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 11:59 pm for Gitchi Gami Games.

Please direct any specific Junior Cup or Youth Cup registration questions regarding refunds, corrections, updates, etc. to CXC via email at or phone 608-294-0433.


Coaching staff, team service support and industry suppliers that require access to the “Field Of Play” (FOP) must register and be current members of U.S. Ski & Snowboard. This will allow access to the course (FOP) and stadium area as deemed appropriate by the Local Organizing Committee and jury. Personalized credentialed coaching bibs sent directly from U.S. Ski & Snowboard membership should be used if you have them.

US Ski and Snowboard membership may be found here.

COVID-19 Precautions

We are following all US Ski and Snowboard COVID19 requirements, as well as following best practices and protocols set forth by the CDC.  As such, please cooperate with all procedures put in place to keep athletes, staff, volunteers, and specatators healthy!

  • Indoor spaces are very limited!
  • Masks are required in all indoor spaces, including bib pick-up.
  • Spectators will be allowed on site.  Please stay as distanced as possible.
  • Masking is encouraged if you cannot stay 6ft apart for 10 minutes.
  • Livestream– watch the action from anywhere and see your athlete competing!  See below for link and details.

Weekend Schedule

Thursday December 9 - Sprint Course Official Training

Friday December 10 - NNF SuperTour Freestyle Mass Start

7:30 amWax testing/Warmup Open
8:00 amBib Pickup Open
8:30 amCourse Open
9:45 amCourse Closed
10:00 amMenU18/U20/Sr4 x 3.75 km
11:00 amCourse Open
11:45 amCourse Closed
12:00 pmFemaleU18/U20/Sr4 x 3.75 km
3:00 pmOfficial Training Sprint Course1500m & 650m
4:30 pmOfficial Training closed

Saturday December 11 - Classic Sprint

7:30 amWarm-up Course Open/Bib Pick-up Opens
8:00 amCourse Open
9:25 amCourse Closed
9:30 amFemale/MaleQualifying for Open
11:00 amFemaleQuarterfinals
11:25 amMaleQuarterfinals
12:00 pmMaleSemifinals
12:15 pmFemale/MaleFinals
12:30 pmCourse Open
12:35 pmSuperTour Podium Ceremony
12:50 pmCourse Closed
12:55 pmFemaleU18/U20Quarterfinals
1:20 pmMaleU18/U20Quarterfinals
1:45 pmFemale/MaleU18/U20Semifinals
2:05 pmFemaleU18/U20Finals
2:15 pmMaleU18/U20Finals
2:25 pmCourse Open
2:30 pmU18/U20 Podium Ceremony
2:35 pmCourse Closed
2:40 pmFemale/MaleU16 Qualifying2 x 650 m
3:00 pmFemale/MaleU14 Qualifying1 x 650 m
3:05 pmFemale/MaleU12 Qualifying1 x 500 m
3:10 pmFemale/MaleU10/U8 HeatsStadium
3:15 pmFemale/MaleU14 Finals
3:20 pmFemale/MaleU12Finals
3:30 pmFemale/MakiAdaptive
3:40 pmMaleU16Semifinals
3:55 pmFemaleU16Semifinals
4:10 pmMaleU16Finals
4:20 pmFemaleU16Finals
4:35 pmU16 Podium Ceremony

Sunday December 12 - Individual Start Classic

6:30 amWax testing/Warmup Open
7:30 amCourse open / Bib Pick-up Opens
9:00 amMaleU18/U20/Sr4 x 3.75 km
10:30 amCourse Open
11:10 amCourse Closed
11:15 amFemaleU18/U20/Sr3 x 3.3 km
12:25 pmCourse Open
12:40 pmAwards Ceremony
12:45 pmAdaptive3 x 600 m
1:00 pmU14 Male and FemaleU141 x 2.5 km
1:10 pmU12 Male and FemaleU121 x 2.5 km
1:20 pmU10 Male and FemaleU101300 m
1:30 pmU16 Male and FemaleU162 x 2.5 km
2:30 pmAwards Ceremony
Updated 11/29/21*Subject to change


Gitchi Gami Games Venue Map

Gitchi Gami Games Venue Map

Gitchi Gami Games Stadium Map

Gitchi Gami Games 500/650 m Course

Gitchi Gami Games 600 m Course- Adaptive

Gitchi Gami Games 1300m Course

Gitchi Gami Games 2.5 km Course

Gitchi Gami Games 3.3 km Course

Gitchi Gami Games 3.75 km Course

Wax Facilities/Restrictions

No indoor spaces will be available for waxing.  Please email to request space at the venue.  Limited power available.

The American Birkebeiner Trailhead venue will follow all US Ski and Snowboard regulations.  Fluorocarbon waxes are allowed at the Gitchi Gami Games per FIS and US Ski and Snowboard.

Parking & Spectator Info

Venue Access and Parking

Access to the American Birkebeiner Trailhead venue is via Telemark Rd. only (McNaught Rd is exit only). Venue Access

Ample parking is located in the large parking lot to the east of the venue.  No parking is allowed at the finish line area or along the road way.  Teams and wax trailers should find a physically distanced area in the parking lot.

Spectator Information

There are many great viewing places on course at the new Gitchi Gami Games course!

Team Leader Communication

Team Coaches Meeting –  Thursday, December 9 at 5:30PM AND Friday, December 10 at 5:30Pm, Virtual meeting.  Email for link.

During the official training and competition hours, access to the competition courses and stadium is restricted to credentialed individuals only. The credential is in the form of the U. S. ski & Snowboard Coach bib which is available to members with a Current Coach status. US Ski and Snowboard membership may be found here.


CXC is livestreaming the CXC Cup in order to minimize the number of specators at each venue, as well as athletes and coaches in common areas, to prevent the spread of COVID19.  To achieve this, the livestream will focus on:

  • Showcasing as many competitors as possible at the start and finish for fans watching at home
  • Provide athletes, coaches, and volunteers realtime race progress in the stadium area as they get ready for their competition

We hope you tune in for the races!

Results and Awards

2021 Live Results

Saturday Age Group Results


Sunday Age Group Results



Congratulations!  Awards for the top three women/men in the following categories:


Awards ceremonies will take place immediately after each Age Group race.

2020 Freestyle Sprint

2020 Individual Start Classic

2019 Classic Sprint

2019 Mass Start Classic

2018 Individual Start Classic

2018 Mass Start Freestyle



If you are interested in volunteering for the Gitchi Gami Games/Super Tour, please click here to register for available shifts.


Contact Cable Chamber:  715-798-3833 or

Race Contacts

For questions:

OC Lead:  Kristy Maki (

Chief of Competition: Allan Serrano (

Asst. Chief of Competition: Ben Popp (

Chief of Course: Jim Sokup (

Race Secretary: Colette Belisle (

Online Registration Questions:  CXC ( ) or (608) 294-0433

Press Coordinator: Kate Barido (

US Ski and Snowboard Technical Delegate: Jim Turvo (

US Ski and Snowbaord Assistant TD: John Filander