Birkie Trailhead • Cable, WI

The Birkie is excited to be hosting a Super JNQ this January! The Gitchi Gami Games are the third weekend of racing in both the Junior Cup & Youth Cup event series in 2019. The JNQ series is governed by Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC) and encourages young athletes from U8 to U23 age divisions to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills, whether they are new to the sport High School skiers, aspiring junior skiers who hope to compete at the top national and international levels, or are somewhere in between. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements olearning and fun for all levels – from beginner racers to those with International experience.

Latest Updates

Su 1.20.19, 6:30AM  |  The start of the Sunday races will be delayed 1 hour due to cold temps.  It is projected to be -1 by 10am, thus a safe starting temp.

Sa 1.19.19, 7:30PM  |  (1) The return course for the distance races has been changed (map update in “Maps” section ). The 10k is still 3 x 3.3k and the 5k is still 2 x 2.5k, but the final 800M has been changed – we will be using a different trail to return to the stadium. Please review and plan to ski it in the AM.  (2) Weather – currently it is predicted to be -3 at 9am, so at this time it is looking like we should be able to start on time. An update will be sent out at 7am Sunday am.

Sa 1.19.19, 5:30AM  |  Heats Schedule, minute by minute for today is:  HERE.  Additionally, you can watch the livestream of the days from CXC:  HERE.  Birkie stadium video camera is:  HERE

Th 1.17.19, 9:30PM  |  Few updates from today:   (1) A “Remind” group has been formed.  Download the app to make it easier (, but you don’t need to.  Text @gitchi to 81010 and you will be added to the group.  We will immediately push out any updates to the Remind (so highly recommend joining) at the same time we post updates to the website here.  (2) Groomers are out preparing the course now  – the same protocol will be used again Friday night for Saturday course prep.  Just FYI, our last snowfall of any amount was 12/31/18!!  (3) Weather update – Official weather station at the race venue: .  Currently looking cold, but within guidelines of racing.  (4) The event will be livestreamed on the Birkie Facebook page if friends and family are interested:

Tu 1.15.19, 10:00AM  |  The race course(s) will be set and inspected by the TD/Jury members on Thursday for track placements and turning zones.  Currently there is a mix of manufactured snow & old transformed natural snow on the courses and the base is firm as we have had higher winds and no fresh snow in 10+ days (approx. 5”-12” deep base).  Maps will be updated with zones that will be designated for striding (no double poling) and turning zones (both sprint and mass start) – they will be posted and handed out at the TCM on Friday at 5:30, Cable Community Center.  Temps are forecasted to be cool, but we should be safe to race.  A “Remind” group will be created on Friday for updates, along with this “Latest Updates” section on the website.  Reminder, registration closes tonight.


Registration Closes Tuesday, January 15 at 11:59PM

Junior Cup Registration
(U16 / U18 / U20 / U23)

Registration Closed

Youth Cup Registration
(U8 / U10 / U12 / U14)

Registration Closed

Please direct any specific registration questions regarding refunds, corrections, updates, etc. to CXC via email at or phone 608-294-0433.

Start Lists

The official entry lists will be published online by 5pm Thursday for review prior to the coaches meeting on Friday.

Entry/Start Lists

Weekend Schedule

Friday January 18 - Course Preview

10:00 amWax Area Open
12:00 pmCourse Open for Inspection
5:30 PM Coaches Meeting /Bib Distribution - Cable Community Center
6:00 pmCourse Closed
10:00 pmWax Area Closed

Saturday January 19 - Classic Sprint

6:00 amWax Area Open
7:30 amCourse Open/Bib Pick-up Opens
8:45 amQual Boys/Girls U16/U18/U20/MstrU18/U20/Mstr 1.4 km
U16 1.1 km
11:15 amHeats Boys/Girls U18/U20/Mstr (Top 30)1.4 km
1:05pmCourse open
1:20pmHeats Boys/Girls U16 (top 30)1.1 km
2:45pmCourse Open
3:00 pmQual Boys/Girls U14/U12/U10U12/U14 900M
U10 (with U12)
3:20 pmSemi/Final Heats Boys/Girls U14/U12/U10 - Top 12 in each age group (U10 with U12)U12/U14 900M
10:00 pmWax Area Closed

Sunday January 20 - Mass Start Classic

6:00 amWax Area Open
7:30 amCourse open / Bib Pick-up Opens
11:00 amBoys U18/U20/Mstr10 km (3 x 3.3km)
11:45 amGirls U18/U20/Mstr10 km (3 x 3.3km)
12:30 pmCourse Open
1:00 pmBoys U165 km (2 x 2.5km)
1:30 pmGirls U165 km (2 x 2.5km)
2:00 pmBoys U143.3 km
2:10 pmGirls U143.3 km
2:30 pmBoys & Girls U122 x 1 km
2:30 pmBoys & Girls U8 /U101 x 1 km


Course Maps  |  Stadium Map  | Venue Map  |  Map to Venue (Access via McNaught only, Telemark Rd CLOSED)


Wax Facilities

Indoor waxing will be allowed in the eastern portion of the Great Hall. A heated area 40’ x 60’ with access to power will be provided.  Collegiate and Junior teams can request a space by contacting Jim Sokup. Remaining space will be on a first come first serve basis and we ask all users to be considerate of others while using the facility. Please provide your own equipment, including a tarp or other floor covering material and clean the area prior to leaving. Hours of indoor waxing are noted on schedule. There is limited power outdoors at a pedestal in the Team leader / Team parking area on the North side of Great Hall.

Questions may be directed to Jim Sokup –


Weather Station in stadium   |   Stadium Video Camera

Team Leader Communication

Team Coaches Meeting –  Friday 5:30PM, Cable Community Center


Cable Chamber of Commerce: Lodging Map

Contact Cable Chamber:  715-798-3833 or

Parking & Spectator Info

Spectators are encouraged to attend events throughout the weekend. Multiple locations adjacent to both the start and finish zones will offer opportunities for those who wish come and encourage racers. Food/Concessions will be for sale inside the Great Hall.  The open stadium and multiple lap formats present quality viewing for all.  Spectators will be allowed travel along the northern most edge of the course leading away from the stadium. We ask that spectators do not cross the course within the area adjacent and including the stadium.


Ample parking is located directly at the venue. Team leader, team, and bus parking will be allowed in the lot directly north of the Great Hall.  Others will be asked to park in the East lot or the Gold Airport lot.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Gitchi Gami Games, please click here to register for available shifts

Race Contacts

For questions:

Chief of Course: Jim Sokup (

Chief of Timing: John Oman ( or Sam (

Race Secretary: Alex Leslie (

Online Registration Questions:  CXC  ( ) or  (608) 294-0433

Press Coordinator: Nancy Knutson (

Chief of Competition: Kristy Maki (

Asst. Chief of Competition: Ben Popp (