The 100+ kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers seeking fun and adventure in the north woods of Wisconsin. From events like the Slumberland American Birkebeiner, the Fat Bike Birkie, and the Birkie Trail Run, there is challenge to be had on event days and all days on the rolling hills of the Birkie Trail. We are dedicated to providing silent sports recreation and invite people of all ages to enjoy all the Mother Nature has to offer. Come out this winter, enjoy a day on the trails, and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun on the trail with family and friends.

The non-profit 501(c)(3) American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation maintains 100% of the trail system. Donations to help cover the annual maintenance costs are welcome. You can help with a personal donation which may be tax deductible (consult your tax professional) and by joining the Foundation.  We think the American Birkebeiner Trail is a pretty fantastic recreational resource.  If you think it is as spectacular as we do, we’d love your support in making sure it stays amazing for generations to come.

Mount Telemark Village is home to the Tormondsen snowmaking loops and kilometers of trail systems which are open year-round! Winter ski trail use requires a Mt. Telemark Village trail pass and summer use and all biking is free and open to the public.

2024/2025 Trail Pass

Birkie Trail ski passes are required December – March to ski on any part of the 100+ km American Birkebeiner Trail System.  Mt. Telemark Village ski trail passes are required anytime skiable snow is present on the MTV trails and Tormondsen snowmaking loops. 100% of funds collected go toward our growing costs to maintain the trail.

Winter trail use passes comes in three options: Birkie Trail only, Mount Telemark Village Trails including Tormondsen Family Snowmaking loops, or a combined pass for all winter trail access.

Birkie Trail Pass: Individual $50 – Family $125 – Youth $25

Mt. Telemark Village Trail Pass: Individual $75 – Family $175 – Youth $30

Combined Trail Pass: Individual $120 – Family $280 – Youth $50

By order of the Sawyer County Board of Directors, no person may use that portion of the American Birkebeiner Trail System in Sawyer County between December 1st and March 31st unless they have purchased a Trail Pass.  Sawyer County grants to the named holder of a Trail Pass a revocable temporary license to access the Trail System.

Virtual Birkie Trail Tour

Experience the amazing Birkie trail, named the No.1 cross-country ski destination in the U.S. Explore every section of the trail, including trailside cabins, as you virtually ski from near Cable, WI, to near Hayward, WI. Immerse yourself in the great north woods whenever or wherever you are!

Tour the Interactive Birkie Trail Map »

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Birkie Trailheads & Trailside Cabins

Birkie Trail – Trailside Warming Cabins are Open

  • Derksen Family Timing Building – American Birkebeiner Trailhead (Birkie start line)
  • Derksen Family Great Hall at the American Birkebeiner Trailhead (see more information below)
  • Timber Trail Cabin – 43K
  • Franzen Fire Tower Trail Cabin – 38K
  • Birkie Ridge – Highway 63, two miles north from Seeley
  • Mandli Boedecker Trail Cabin – 33.5K
  • Samuel C. Johnson Family Outdoor Center (OO) – 29K
  • Strand-Johnson Gravel Pit Trail Cabin – 20K
  • Birchleggings Club Mosquito Brook Trail Cabin – 14K
  • Hatchery Creek County Park – 8K

How to Get There

American Birkebeiner Trailhead

From Hayward, take Highway 63 North to Cable, turn right/East on County Highway M to Telemark Road.  Follow Telemark Road until it dead ends at the Derkson Family Great Hall/Birkie Trailhead. Some maps may show access from McNaught Road, but there is a gate there and access is only from Telemark Road.

Mt. Telemark Village Trail Conditions

The Trek Trails Powered by OTM

Visit the Trek Trails Powered by OTM page for the latest trail conditions and status updates.

Paved Recreational Trail Loop

For Rules, Guidelines, and Information visit the Mt. Telemark Village webpage.

Tormondsen Family Snowmaking Loops

The Tormondsen Family snowmaking loops at Mt Telemark Village are 5km of ski trails with machine-made snow.  A few “rules of the road” include:

  • While snowmaking is happening, trails open for skiing at 9am.  Once snowmaking is done, trails open at 7am
  • The trails have lights – but there are some dark spots – when skiing at night, a headlight is recommended
  • Please make sure to have your Mt. Telemark Village Ski Trail Pass
  • Find the most recent trail conditions BELOW
  • If you are bringing a group or team, please email to request space in the Derksen Family Great Hall.

Grooming Procedures/FAQ's

When does the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) head out to groom?  What shapes our decision on when to groom, where and how?  How long does is take to groom the Birkie trail?

For these answers and more, check out the Birkie Trail Grooming Procedures and FAQs

Trail Profile

The total climb on the Birkie Skate Course from the start line at Telemark to the finish line in Hayward (north to south) is 1,398 meters. The Birkie Classic Course’s total climb from the start line to the finish line is 21 meters less or 1,379 meters.

The Birkie Classic Trail which ends at OO has a total climb of 727 meters compared to the Birkie Trail’s total climb of 729 meters to that point. See chart to right for elevation break down.

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