Mt Telemark Conservancy Map

Developing the Premier
Year-Round Outdoor Recreation Facility

The ABSF has acquired the historic Mt. Telemark property, and has launched a multi-year project to rehab the spectacular resource into the premier outdoor recreation facility in northern Wisconsin, as well as a significant effort to conserve the land for future outdoor enjoyment.

The plan is to designate the property into three different zones. The eastern third of the property is intended to host year round outdoor recreation, and support commercial partnerships that are interested in that outdoor recreation. The central section is intended to become a land conservancy, preserving the property for outdoor recreation exclusively. The western third, is available for purchase by developer or private party.

While intending to manage the outdoor recreation activities ourselves, the ABSF would like to partner with other businesses to advance the project.

Possible Amenities

World Cup Quality Ski Trails with Snowmaking

Event Facilities

World Class MTB Trails for Year-Round Multi-Use

Festival Plaza

Ski-Up Restaurant/Cafe

Observation Tower

Trail Amenities

Warming Hut


Skating/Outdoor Activities

Community Solar

Picnic Area/Activity Field


Fitness Trail Loop