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Developing the Premier Year-Round Outdoor Recreation Facility

As you know, the ABSF has acquired the iconic Mt. Telemark property, and we are progressing with our multi-year plan to rehab the spectacular resource into the premier outdoor recreation facility in northern Wisconsin, as well as a significant effort to conserve the land for future outdoor enjoyment. The WEDC grant has allowed us to get started tearing the lodge down, and as you can see from the photos we are moving along on that project. The entire lodge was removed from the original site in June of 2021.

The Mt. Telemark property is divided into three different zones in our planning. The eastern third of the property is intended to host year-round outdoor recreation and support commercial partnerships that are interested in that outdoor recreation. The central section is intended to become a land conservancy, preserving the property for outdoor recreation exclusively. The western third, is available for purchase by developer or private party or land conservation group.

The western third of the property has a recently past deadline of May 15 for offers.  Selling the piece of the property west of the powerline, which does not contain any trails we plan to incorporate into the outdoor recreation area, will allow us to reinvest into amenities that we hope you will truly enjoy taking advantage of.  We are waiting for a closing date of August 1, which is when Landmark Conservancy will officially purchase the western 218 acres of the former Mt. Telemark property.

The demolition of the Telemark Lodge will bring us to the end of the 1st phase of development that we had laid out for the Mt. Telemark property.  As we launch into phase 2 of the plan, it is time for us to finalize our plans for the different outdoor activities and the hub building.

We are focused on activities that will enhance the outdoor recreation there.  Some of those next phase activities could include:

  • The hub building
  • Ski trails
  • MTB trails
  • Roller ski + fitness loop
  • Ice skating and sledding
  • A year-round outdoor gathering space

Progress has been moving right along and we can hardly contain our excitement!

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Concept Site Plan

Mt Telemark Conservancy Map

Possible Amenities

World Cup Quality Ski Trails with Snowmaking

Event Facilities

World Class MTB Trails for Year-Round Multi-Use

Festival Plaza

Ski-Up Restaurant/Cafe

Observation Tower

Trail Amenities

Warming Hut


Skating/Outdoor Activities

Community Solar

Picnic Area/Activity Field


Fitness Trail Loop