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Stories from the old Telemark. Visions of what new Mt. Telemark Village will mean to the Birkie and to a whole new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Hear what our village has to say. And share your own story!

Send us a :30 video of your reflections, thoughts, or musings about old Telemark or why you are supporting the new Mt. Telemark Village. Put it in a song. Show off your dance moves. Channel your TikTok skills. Each week we’ll pick a winning video and, if yours is chosen, we’ll send you a cool Mt. Telemark Village baseball cap!

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Exploring Telemark Through a 70s Skier’s Perspective
Building Lifetime Friendships through Cross-Country Skiing
Community Activities at Mt. Telemark Village
Mt. Telemark Village: Your Gateway to Welcoming Newcomers!
Matt Liebsch
WEDC Secretary & CEO Missy Hughes on the Mt. Telemark Village Project
Missy Hughes
Ben (and Jessie) on the vision of Mt. Telemark Village
Ben Popp and Jessie Diggins
Cable resident talks about how important MTV is to the local community
Mike Cleary
Telemark lets us focus on our similarities – not our differences!
Jill Sonnesyn and Carla Pardue
Ernie St. Germaine sings people to the finish line!
Ernie St. Germaine