Maple Grove, MN

Years of ABSF Membership:


Why are you interested in being a member of the ABSF Board of Directors? 

While I have only participated in the Birkie 3 times, since the first time I raced I have been hooked. The organization of the event and system of trails was something I had never seen. Since, I have made an effort to stop by the trails as often as possible both in the winter and summer. Recently, my family have even purchased property connected to the Sawyer County Public Lands the Birkie Trail goes through to make access to this area a permanent part of our lives. I am interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors because it will allow me to influence how this great resource is available to anyone who wants to explore it. As evidenced this winter there may be challenges to this going forward but I believe the ABSF can work to make the best out of what is given to them, while also using their position to try to influence the future of the trail system and events. As a member of the Board of Directors I would love to bring my prior leadership experience to assist with these goals.

What knowledge and skills do you possess that can benefit the organization?

I have many years of leadership both within sports organizations, including offices in the leadership team of both the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin Triathlon teams. As a career I am an Anesthesiologist as well as Medical Director of the number one rated Ambulatory Surgery Center in Minnesota. The skills from being medical director are directly applicable. Each day I work with other leaders to produce a product that is healthy and safe, a good experience and profitable for the organization. While the product of ABSF is not the same as providing safe surgical care, many aspects of the leadership roles would overlap.

How do you see yourself helping to fulfill the ABSF vision, mission and values? 

As a father of 3 young boys I want to make sure that the same experiences that I have been able to have are available to them. As a member of the ABSF board I would bring my prior experiences both as a participant in outdoor sports teams and leadership experience to fulfill the ABSF vision, mission and values. The adopted values of ABSF are how I try to approach every day as a leader for our surgical center, working with teams in a friendly atmosphere where everyone’s voice is valued in the pursuit of making things better for the people we are serving. I would work with the current board to continue the great events and access to great trails that already exist while also working as a team to plan for the future in furthering the mission of ABSF.