San Antonio, TX

Years of ABSF Membership:

Risk Management Executive

Why are you interested in being a member of the ABSF Board of Directors? 

I was first introduced to the American Birkie over a decade ago through some work friends who had been doing the race since the 1990s. Though I never had skied before, I showed up with rental skis in wave 8 in complete excitement and panic. Everyone around me, though they thought I was crazy, was my biggest fan. For the 30k I was able to complete, I felt supported and cared for.

I was hooked from that first day. The people on the trail, the support of all the spectators and all the effort that went into the trail all year around was incredible. Ski. Run. Bike. Live! I would very much like to contribute to the legacy this organization leaves behind in preserving this lifestyle.

What knowledge and skills do you possess that can benefit the organization?

I have spent over 30 years in the field of Risk Management and Financial analysis. My experience in identifying risks, mitigating those risks and monitoring for potential risks in existing and future strategies would contribute to the broader board perspective. While I truly love outdoor activities associated with the trail (a competitive runner, cyclist and beginner skier), I am not a local resident; this is also a likely diversified background from most board members. Given the large numbers of non-residents coming into Wisconsin, I think this perspective would also be valuable in crafting strategies and mitigating risks for the future.

How do you see yourself helping to fulfill the ABSF vision, mission and values? 

I feel my experience of being introduced to the American Birkie race and trail, along with my continued attempts to complete the Birkie (once finish in over 7 starts) as well as other forays into extreme sports (marathons, triathlons, etc) would be inspiration for many to find the peace and beauty in the outdoors.

On a more personal level, my wife and children are diagnosed with Chrcot-Marie-Tooth, a neuro-muscular neuropathy that mostly affects the hands and feet and deteriorates muscle tissue over time. I’ve coached my children through childhood sports (baseball, soccer, swimming) and have found ways to ensure they a) always be a role model for others, b) find the positive side of any situation, c) always help others. I would love to bring those values, my diverse background and thinking, and my risk experience to help the ABSF continue it’s mission.