Champlin, MN

Years of ABSF Membership:

Retired attorney.

Why are you interested in being a member of the ABSF Board of Directors? 

I have had a long association with the American Birkebeiner dating back to my first Birkebeiner in 1976. While I have been an avid Birkie participant most years since then and a financial contributor to the ABSF as well as a number of it’s fundraising initiatives, I’m also interested in contributing my time and talent to the ABSF.

What knowledge and skills do you possess that can benefit the organization?

I have been a skier for about 50 years. During that time I have seen, experienced and learned from temperature and weather extremes during ski races in Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as the dramatic changes in ski equipment, technique (the addition of skating), race organization and training programs that have taken place since the 1970’s.

I led the Minnesota Youth Ski League program at Elm Creek Park Reserve for 7 years during the 1990’s and grew the club from 20 to 60 skiers. Thereafter I was President of the Champlin Park Nordic Booster Club for a number of years and undertook fundraising efforts on it’s behalf. My children have been Barnebirkie and Birkie participants and likewise my grandchildren have participated in the Barnebirkie.

As a 41 year Birkie finisher and youth ski instructor I have learned from those experiences and believe that my knowledge of skiing generally and the Birkie specifically coupled with my organizational skills aquired as a MYSL leader and instructor (as well as 30 plus years of legal practice for 2 major corporations) and High School fund raiser could benefit the ABSF.

I think the Birkie will continue to experience dramatic weather events and believe my perspective may be helpful in terms of making sure the Birkie experience is sustainable for years to come.

How do you see yourself helping to fulfill the ABSF vision, mission and values? 

Vision: I think so much can be accomplished at a young age. I see myself promoting events such as the Barnebirkie and Prince Haakon and making sure that children are encouraged to embrace not just the race but participating in an event that gets them excited about the outdoors and what can be experienced season to season.

Mission: 1. Making sure the Birkie has the equipment, volunteers and snowmaking capacity to be a dependable, first class race venue. 2. I like the direction the ABSF has taken with regard to sustainability. I contributed to the purchase of the western portion of the Telemark property to keep it as an intact silent sports venue. 3. I would like to see the Birkie trails used often for adaptive ski racing and I think that it would be appropriate to look for ways for Birkie registration to be less expensive for those under 25.

Values: (Bring joy) One of my 2 or 3 most favorite Birkies was to ski as a Birkie warrior “Torstein” with my daughter Eleanor as “Inga” and my friend Grant as “Skervald”. It wasn’t a race for us it was simply a fun, event! We attended all of the Birkie festivities, gave interviews and talked to and cheered for Birkie skiers as well as numerous people along the trail which got everyone pumped up as well as ourselves.

I consider myself to be a team player. I don’t see myself as advocating for a big change in direction for the ABSF but hopefully participating as a valued team member, listening to other Board members and adding a new voice and perspective all with the goal of making the Birkie even better. I believe I have strong moral principles and would hope to serve the Board with those principles. I value diversity in people and their opinions.