Paul spent the summer of 1975 working at Telemark. It was during the glory days of Telemark, the place was bustling with activity, including a group cutting trails for a new event, the Birkie! Paul has volunteered/supported the Birkie ever since, from parking cars to serving as Baggage Chief. Last year Paul was appointed to the Board of Directors. He is committed to supporting the mission of the Birkie, putting on world class events, act as a steward of the trail and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Paul divides his time between the Twin Cities and the Hayward Area. He is compelled to give back and does so, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald, The Courage-Kenney Rehabilitation Institute, COLA (Court Oreilles Lake Association) along with Cable-Hayward events. He is the Director of Technical Papers for Cellmark, Norwalk, CT, values time spent with family and friends and loves the Hayward Lakes.

You’ll rarely meet someone with a more philanthropic heart than Paul.  In his free time, Paul lives a life of service through his ongoing volunteerism.  Paul loves the camaraderie and all the Birkie experience provides.