All wave placements are subject to wave closures at the time of Wave Upgrade Request submission.

There are no refunds if your request does not result in an upgrade.

*Results are only accepted for upgrades if the race was/is held under NORMAL race conditions: in-person, timed, normal starts, not multi-day, level of competition, etc.  Please note the DATE/YEAR of the races listed below.

The Deadline for Wave Upgrade Requests for 2025 is January 14, 2025 at 11:59pm CDT.  Races taking place in 2025 after January 14, 2025 are not eligible for 2025 upgrades.

To calculate your wave placement, add the Adjustment Factor to your Percent Back from Event Winner. Go to your American Birkebeiner or Kortelopet event page -> Wave Placement -> Wave Upgrade Requests for detailed instructions and Wave Placement Tables.  Races taking place in 2024 will use the 2023 PBE (percent back equivalency) column in the Wave Seeding Tables.

Please contact with any questions.

EventRaceDateAdjustment Factor
World Loppet RacesAll races less than 40k2020-202510%*
World Loppet RacesAll races over 40k2020-20250%*
Sisu Ski Fest30K Sk1/7/2023 & 1/11/202518%
Sisu Ski Fest30K Cl1/7/2023 & 1/11/202520%
Sisu Ski Fest15K Sk1/7/2023 & 1/11/202550%
Sisu Ski Fest15K Cl1/7/2023 & 1/11/202572%
Seeley Hills Classic42K Cl1/13/2024 & 1/11/20252024 30%, 2025 8%
Seeley Hills Classic22K Cl1/13/2024 & 1/11/20252024 57%, 2025 37%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon50K Sk1/28/2023 & 1/27/2024 (23k)2023 15%, 2024 62%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon50K Cl1/28/2023 & 1/27/24 (23k)2023 14%, 2024 67%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon24K Sk1/28/2023 & 1/27/2462%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon24K Cl1/28/2023 & 1/27/2467%
Craftsbury25K Cl1/27/202414%
Craftsbury50K Cl1/27/202410%
Craftsbury30K Sk1/28/202414%
Ski de She30k SK1/28/202440%
Alley Loop42K Sk2/3/202410%
Alley Loop42K Cl2/3/202430%
Alley Loop21K Sk2/3/202440%
Alley Loop21K Cl2/3/202480%
Mt. Ashwabay Summit30k Sk2/4/202330%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous42K Sk2/4/202320%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous42K Cl2/4/202342%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous24K Sk2/4/202344%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous24K Cl2/4/202335%
Boulder Mountain Tour34K Sk2/3/202410%
City of Lakes Loppet31K Cl2/4/202325%
City of Lakes Loppet20K Cl2/4/202363%
City of Lakes Loppet31K Sk2/5/202325%
City of Lakes Loppet20K Sk2/5/202351%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie42K Sk2/11/202335%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie42K Cl2/11/202326%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie26K Sk2/11/202336%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie26K Cl2/11/202348%
North American Vasa27k Sk2/11/202342%
North American Vasa15k Cl2/12/2023
Mora Vasaloppet48k Sk2/11/202313%
Mora Vasaloppet42k Cl2/12/202336%
Mora Vasaloppet34k Sk2/11/202330%
Canadian Birkebeiner55k/pk Cl2/11/202350%
Canadian Birkebeiner55K/lt Cl2/11/202350%
Canadian Birkebeiner31k Cl2/11/2023105%
North End Classic25k Cl2/12/202321%
Leadville Loppet44k Sk2/24/202444%
Leadville Loppet44k Cl2/24/202444%
Leadville Loppet22k Sk2/24/202444%
Leadville Loppet22K Cl2/24/202444%
Minnesota Finlandia50k Sk2/18/202335%
Minnesota Finlandia25k Sk2/18/202340%
Minnesota Finlandia25k Cl2/18/202349%
Sigge's P'ayakentsut50k Sk2/24/202421%
Sigge's P'ayakentsut25k Sk2/24/202466%
Lake Placid Loppet50k Sk2/26/202315%
Lake Placid Loppet50k Cl2/26/202325%
Lake Placid Loppet25k Sk2/26/202357%
Lake Placid Loppet25k Cl2/26/202382%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge50k Sk3/4/202319%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge50k Cl3/4/202332%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge25k Sk3/4/202330%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge25k Cl3/4/202330%
Yellowstone Rendezvous
50k Sk3/2/2024
Yellowstone Rendezvous25k Sk3/2/202470%
Yellowstone Rendezvous25k Cl3/2/202445%
Sleeping Giant Loppet50k Sk3/4/202318%
Sleeping Giant Loppet50k Cl3/4/202332%
The Great Ski Race26k Sk3/5/202386%
Ozbaldy 50k50k Sk3/3/202461%
Tour of Anchorage50k Sk3/3/202420%
Tour of Anchorage40k Sk3/3/202450%
Tour of Anchorage25k Sk3/3/202450%
Tour of Anchorage25k Cl3/3/202465%
Great Bear Chase50k skiathlon3/11/202313%
Great Bear Chase50k Sk3/11/202329%
Great Bear Chase50k Cl3/11/202350%
Great Bear Chase25k Sk3/11/202334%
Great Bear Chase25k Cl3/11/202334%
Snow Mountain Stampede50k SK3/9/202431%
Snow Mountain Stampede25k sk3/9/202470%
Snow Mountain Stampede50k Cl3/10/202436%
Snow Mountain Stampede25k Cl3/10/202425%
Sonot Kkaazoot50k Sk3/23/202418%
Sonot Kkaazoot30k Sk3/23/202444%