All wave placements are subject to wave closures at the time of Wave Upgrade Request submission.

There are no refunds if your request does not result in an upgrade.

*Results are only accepted for upgrades if the race was/is held under NORMAL race conditions: in-person, timed, normal starts, not multi-day, level of competition, etc.

To calculate your wave placement, add the Adjustment Factor to your Percent Back from Event Winner. Go to your American Birkebeiner or Kortelopet event page -> Wave Placement -> Wave Upgrade Requests for detailed instructions and Wave Placement Tables.

Please contact with any questions.

EventRaceDateAdjustment Factor
World Loppet RacesAll races less than 40k2020-202410%*
World Loppet RacesAll races over 40k2020-20240%*
Sisu Ski Fest30K Sk1/7/2023 & 202418%
Sisu Ski Fest30K Cl1/7/2023 & 202420%
Sisu Ski Fest15K Sk1/7/2023 & 202450%
Sisu Ski Fest15K Cl1/7/2023 & 202472%
Seeley Hills Classic42K Cl1/14/2023 & 1/13/20248%
Seeley Hills Classic22K Cl1/14/2023 & 1/13/202437%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon50K Sk1/28/202315%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon50K Cl1/28/202314%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon24K Sk1/28/202362%
Noquemanon Ski Marathon24K Cl1/28/202367%
Ski de She30k SK1/28/202340%
Craftsbury18.5K Sk1/28/202314%
Craftsbury37K Cl1/28/202314%
Craftsbury44K Cl3/26/202310%
Alley Loop42K Sk2/4/202310%
Alley Loop42K Cl2/4/202330%
Alley Loop21K Sk2/4/202340%
Alley Loop21K Cl2/4/202380%
Mt. Ashwabay Summit30k Sk2/4/202330%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous42K Sk2/4/202320%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous42K Cl2/4/202342%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous24K Sk2/4/202344%
Wolf Tracks Rendezvous24K Cl2/4/202335%
Boulder Mountain Tour34K Sk2/4/202310%
City of Lakes Loppet31K Cl2/4/202325%
City of Lakes Loppet20K Cl2/4/202363%
City of Lakes Loppet31K Sk2/5/202325%
City of Lakes Loppet20K Sk2/5/202351%
North End Classic25k Cl2/12/202321%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie42K Sk2/11/202335%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie42K Cl2/11/202326%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie26K Sk2/11/202336%
Hayward Lion's Pre-Birkie26K Cl2/11/202348%
North American Vasa27k Sk2/11/202342%
North American Vasa15k Cl2/12/2023
Mora Vasaloppet48k Sk2/11/202313%
Mora Vasaloppet42k Cl2/12/202336%
Mora Vasaloppet34k Sk2/11/202330%
Canadian Birkebeiner55k/pk Cl2/11/202350%
Canadian Birkebeiner55K/lt Cl2/11/202350%
Canadian Birkebeiner31k Cl2/11/2023105%
Leadville Loppet44k Sk2/25/202344%
Leadville Loppet44k Cl2/25/202344%
Leadville Loppet22k Sk2/25/202344%
Leadville Loppet22K Cl2/25/202344%
Minnesota Finlandia50k Sk2/18/202335%
Minnesota Finlandia25k Sk2/18/202340%
Minnesota Finlandia25k Cl2/18/202349%
Sigge's P'ayakentsut50k Sk2/25/202321%
Sigge's P'ayakentsut25k Sk2/25/202366%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge50k Sk3/4/202319%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge50k Cl3/4/202332%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge25k Sk3/4/202330%
Giant's Ridge Pepsi Challenge25k Cl3/4/202330%
Yellowstone Rendezvous
50k Sk3/4/2023
Yellowstone Rendezvous25k Sk3/4/202370%
Yellowstone Rendezvous25k Cl3/4/202345%
Sleeping Giant Loppet50k Sk3/4/202318%
Sleeping Giant Loppet50k Cl3/4/202332%
Lake Placid Loppet50k Sk2/26/202315%
Lake Placid Loppet50k Cl2/26/202325%
Lake Placid Loppet25k Sk2/26/202357%
Lake Placid Loppet25k Cl2/26/202382%
The Great Ski Race26k Sk3/5/202386%
Ozbaldy 50k50k Sk3/5/202361%
Tour of Anchorage50k Sk3/5/202320%
Tour of Anchorage40k Sk3/5/202350%
Tour of Anchorage25k Sk3/5/202350%
Tour of Anchorage25k Cl3/5/202365%
Great Bear Chase50k skiathlon3/11/202313%
Great Bear Chase50k Sk3/11/202329%
Great Bear Chase50k Cl3/11/202350%
Great Bear Chase25k Sk3/11/202334%
Great Bear Chase25k Cl3/11/202334%
Snow Mountain Stampede50k SK3/11/202331%
Snow Mountain Stampede25k sk3/11/202370%
Snow Mountain Stampede50k Cl3/11/202336%
Snow Mountain Stampede25k Cl3/11/202325%
Sonot Kkaazoot50k Sk3/25/202318%
Sonot Kkaazoot30k Sk3/25/202344%