Travel the World and Ski!

The Worldloppet organization promotes the sport of cross country skiing around the world. Any skier can travel to these beautiful places and enjoy great events. Currently the Worldloppet includes 20 ski marathons on six continents; Europe, Asia, North America, South American and Oceania. The Worldloppet is dedicated to presenting the best cross country ski events in the world for all skiers–from recreational skiers who love the sport to elite skiers competing for top honors. Each event must meet rigorous requirements to earn a Worldloppet sanction. More than 135,000 skiers have participated in the Worldloppet events. You can be one of them!


Why Be Part of the Worldloppet?

Below are descriptions of just a few of the Worldloppet events.
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WL Passports & Medals

Worldloppet Passport

Completing of a Worldloppet race is a remarkable achievement and worth of recording! Worldloppet Passport is a personal document, in which every completed WL race should be registered. The official WL Passport contains a special page for each event in the Worldloppet series. After completing of a WL race, the skier should ask for the official stamp of this event at the race office. A stamp in the WL Passport is the evidence of the completed race. Collecting of WL stamps is an additional motivation to practice cross-country skiing and to travel to WL countries.  Today there are more than 18000 WL passport holders from all over the world.
Order a Worldloppet Passport or purchase in person at the Birkie Office or during Birkie Week at the Birkie Office.  Cost for the passports is $35 USD. Passports are stamped in the awards area after the completion of the Korte and Birkie.

Worldloppet Master Medals

After completing WL races in 10 different countries, at least one of them on another continent out side of Europe, the skier will be recognised as a Worldloppet Master (WL Master). 

  • WL Gold Master, if completed 10 WL main races and,
  • WL Silver Master, if completed 10 WL short or main races


Worldloppet Passport Holders Gathering

Friday Morning of Birkie Week, all are invited to attend an informal, European-Style Breakfast Buffet Gathering.

(This event is open to all skiers, not just Passport Holders).

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

7:30 a.m. Coffee Social
8:00 a.m. Breakfast

Flat Creek Inn & Suites, Hwy. 27 South, Hayward

$15.00 Pre-registration, $18.00 Day-of.  Includes a Worldloppet-Birkie Mug!

Advanced registration recommended: Register Now!

Shuttle Bus:
There will be a shuttle bus for Kortelopet skiers departing at 9:00am from the breakfast.

Worldloppet Ambassadors

Interested in traveling to a Worldloppet race other than the Birkie?

International travel can be daunting and overwhelming – especially with ski equipment and dealing with the logistics of participating in an international ski marathon. Below is a list of US skiers that have traveled to the different Worldloppet marathons and can help you out. Where to fly? Where to stay? What to expect? Connect with a Birkie – Worldloppet Ambassador and they will help you with your next ski adventure.

DateEventDistanceCountryAmbassador Contact
08.08.15Ushuaia Loppet42 Km FTARGN.A.
15.08.15Merino Muster42 Km FTNZL
22.08.15Kangaroo Hoppet42 Km FTAUSTom Duffy -
04.01.16Vasaloppet China50 Km CTCHN
10.01.16Jizerska Padesatka50 Km CTCZE
24.01.16Dolomitenlauf60 Km FTAUTJohn Saunders -
31.01.16Marcialonga70 Km CTITABen Popp -
06.02.16Konig Ludwig Lauf50 Km FTGERJohn Saunders -
07.02.16Sapporo Int. Ski Marathon50 Km FTJPNBob Gross -
14.02.16La Transjurassienne63 Km FTFRADennis Kruse -
20.02.16American Birkebeiner50 Km FTUSABirkie office -
21.02.16Tartu Maraton63 Km CTESTBob Gross -
27.02.16Gatineau Loppet51 Km CTCANDennis Kruse -
28.02.16Finlandia- Hiihto50 Km FTFINDennis Kruse -
05.03.16Bieg Piastow54 Km CTPOLNed Zuelsdorff -
06.03.16Vasaloppet90 Km CTSWETom Duffy -
12.03.16Demino Ski Marathon50 Km FTRUSNed Zuelsdorff -
13.03.16Engadin Ski Marathon42 Km FTSUIDennis Kruse -
19.03.16Birkebeinerrennet54 Km CTNORDennis Kruse -
30.04.16Fossavatn Ski Marathon50 Km CTISLSteven Gromatka -