Pay It Forward – ABSF Development Grant Program

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) is extending a helping hand to Nordic ski clubs through the ABSF’s Pay It Forward program. Knowing each club has unique needs, the ABSF will Pay It Forward by supporting a club’s efforts in a way that works for them.

What might that look like? With our extensive access to skiers, perhaps we can help you recruit new members or connect skiers as Birkie training partners. Or, we can provide an enthusiastic speaker and compelling presentation to help generate Nordic skiing excitement at your club’s fall kick-off meeting. Maybe we can help you find ways to promote youth skier development to ensure the future of the sport and your club.  Whatever your need, we may be able to help. Our goal is to help individual clubs promote a healthy, active Birkie lifestyle and further develop Nordic skiing in their areas.

If you are interested in finding out more or if we can help, please submit inquiry to Ben Popp  |

Pay It Forward – ABSF Development Grant Program Overview

Barne2014-1The mission of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation is to promote cross-country skiing as a fun, energetic activity that is part of an active and healthy lifestyle. This effort focuses both on youth and adult skiers.  To encourage growth in the sport, the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation established the Pay It Forward Program to assist clubs through non-monetary needs.  The ABSF is not currently offering financial grants.  Over the years, the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation has awarded over $551,000 to cross-country ski programs and helped countless clubs raise thousands of dollars more!


“Thanks to a Birkie grant that was also generously matched by an EU member, EU coaches were able to attend Level 100 training, purchase roller skis, and expand programming. EU’s exciting new “bridging” program gives youth who show interest in racing the opportunity to start training in an environment 100% focused on fun. The grant will continue giving throughout the year as roller skis will be used through the summer and fall programming.”  – Endurance United, Grant Recipient