It’s time to hear from our first Local Birkie Trail Run Story! Matt resides in our very own Hayward WI. He shares his running journey below! 

“I first ran the Birkie Trail Run my first year of living in Hayward. I was invited to join the New Moon Men’s Relay Team. It was the week or two before the event in 2021, I had stopped by the shop, and somebody asked if I was a runner. I laughed and said, “Not really!” They said that was too bad because they were looking for a member for the relay team. I wheeled about and said, “I’m pretty sure I could run a few miles if needed…” and that’s how I found myself on the relay team. This was the first run I’d done in a few years. We took 1st place in spite of my run, thankfully we went unchallenged in our category! It was a great day and I realized that trail running was quite a bit more enjoyable than the suburban sidewalk running I’d done previously.  

2023 came around and New Moon wasn’t putting together a team, so I decided to build another relay team to join me – a good mix of excellent runners and grizzly bear fodder (I’m in the latter category). It was cold and rainy but again we had a blast! It was such a great atmosphere and getting to cheer for my teammates out on the trail was a treat.  

This year, it’s a goal of mine to focus on adding running to my activities and build up some better endurance/cross-training. Birkie Trail Run is one of the highlights of my competition calendar and I’m looking forward to improving my relay leg time this year.” 

Below is a picture of Matt and his Relay team from the 2021 Birkie Trail Run.

Posted April 17, 2024 at 10:53 am